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Browzwear Partners with Universal Color System, Coloro


Access to Coloro’s complete color library in VStitcher ensures color accuracy from design through production, reducing the need for samples and minimizing risk of error

NEW YORK, NY—February 16, 2022

Browzwear , a pioneer of 3D digital solutions for the fashion industry, today announced a partnership with universal color system Coloro , which will bring the company’s solution for accurate color depiction to the VStitcher platform. Following the integration, designers using Browzwear will be able to leverage the scientifically-based coding system including Coloro’s 3,500 standard library and data to ensure their designs reflect true-to-life color as the human eye sees it.

The partnership with Coloro is part of Browzwear’s ecosystem-focused approach to platform development, created to streamline processes and reduce waste throughout the entire product lifecycle. By incorporating Coloro’s unique methodology for color decoding, Browzwear will enable users to ensure color accuracy from design through manufacturing, reducing the need for samples and eliminating the risk of production errors.

Created by information, data and eCommerce optimization company Ascential, parent of trend forecasting agency WGSN, in collaboration with the China Textile Information Center (CTIC), Coloro is a comprehensive system for scientifically decoding color in the way the human eye does. Based on hue, chroma and lightness, each color is assigned a unique 7-digit code that ensures consistency and accuracy independent of material choice. When using the system, designers can be confident the color rendered in 3D will be the closest match to the digital Master Data of the target color, which will allow them to make more informed decisions throughout the design process and product lifecycle.

“We are constantly enhancing our product to give designers the best user experience with the most true-to-life results possible,” said Sean Lane, VP of Partnerships at Browzwear. “By partnering with Coloro, designers can explore a vast set of opportunities around color, with a library of over 3500 color options, we are bringing designers access to one of the most technologically-advanced methods of rendering color, giving assurance the 3D design they create and the final product produced are faithful to each other and their creative vision.”

“With the added challenges of working remotely, brands are increasingly choosing product development processes supported by 3D design and digital color. Integrating Coloro’s library of 3500+ colors into Browzwear’s platform is something our clients have been asking for and we are delighted to deliver this joined-up approach,” said Coloro International Managing Director, Sansan Chen.

Detlev Pross, Chief Strategy Officer at Coloro HQ Shanghai added: “Connecting our unique color system and platform with Brozwear’s leading innovative applications is confirming our commitment to create a seamless end-to-end solution for color. Bringing Coloro’s big data as the back-end of color together with Browzwear’s innovative technology and applications as the front-end of color, we are jointly creating a new level of efficiency and sustainability by eliminating color guessing and empowering creatives to make confident and reliable color decision s.”

The integration of Coloro’s full standard color library is part of Browzwear’s upcoming product update. To learn more about the edition’s new features including the Coloro system, sign up here for the VStitcher & Lotta 2021.3 Edition webinar on February 22nd, 2022.


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