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Browzwear User Workshop: Diving into First Time Right Sampling


Apparel designers are constantly working at full speed to meet deadlines while ensuring that they deliver high-quality products. However, with the fast-paced nature of today’s apparel industry, this is no easy task. By shifting the design workflow to digital, apparel creatives have the ability to conduct endless iterations without limitations, enabling them to achieve a physical sample that ticks all the boxes the first time around, also known as a ‘First time right’ physical sample.

To highlight the value of ‘first time right’ sampling, our Singapore team recently held a hands-on workshop, where 34 participants from 12 different education institutions and manufacturing organization’s explored the various components of an end-to-end digital workflow.

The Browzwear Sales and Customer Support teams kicked off the workshop with an overview of what a digital workflow entails, from an overview of VStitcher to an introduction to the collaboration and showcasing platform, Stylezone. Next up, the participants rotated between three stations; the first station showcased how fabrics are digitized and the value of accuracy.

The second station enabled the participants to experience an end-to-end digital design workflow from concept to creation. Finally, in the third station, participants got to evaluate a garment’s fit digitally.

To wrap up the workshop, the team held a Q&A session with the participants and existing customers to gather overall feedback and explore what other possibilities can be achieved within their supply chain by utilizing Browzwear’s tools. We sat down with two of the participants to learn about their personal experiences during the workshop.

Yingying Toh, an existing Browzwear user from Bodynits, took part in the workshop and enjoyed learning from eac h of the stations, “I loved going to the different stations and gaining hands-on experience. The overall workshop was very fruitful.”

Another participant, Indraputra Hassan from the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS), appreciated the value she gained, “The workshop was interesting and educational from beginning to end. I would definitely include this in my institute’s program.”

After a successful workshop, we look forward to seeing the participants continue to explore the world of 3D apparel, gaining the skills and knowledge to thrive in such a fast-evolving industry.

Are you interested in taking part in future workshops? Be sure to register here , and keep your eyes peeled for future updates.


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