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Paving the Way for Sustainable Fashion: Browzwear X Cotton Incorporated


Fabrics in the picture: Olivia: Top + skirt: 7244 Herringbone Gabrielle: Jacket + culottes: SK-2055-6E Mock Plated Jersey, Top: SK-1986-2 Jersey

We’re thrilled to share our recent collaboration with Cotton Incorporated , a leading global manufacturer and marketer of all cotton products with a focus on fiber management, agricultural research, and textile sourcing solutions. With a commitment to environmental sustainability and the circularity of cotton, Cotton Incorporated has advanced the use of cotton in textile products by doubling down on innovation.

With this exciting partnership, comes the launch of an exclusive eco-conscious digital fabric collection. Browzwear users will now have access to more than 30 minimally processed cotton fabrics directly within the VStitcher asset library, as well as access to over 100 Browzwear-compatible, 3D cotton fabric files which can be downloaded from the CottonWorks™ platform .

By switching to natural, responsibly sourced fabric alternatives within VStitcher, designers can ultimately market more eco-friendly garments, shorten lead times, and reduce the amount of associated textile waste without compromising creativity.

We look forward to seeing this initiative progress, and through this unique partnership and joint values, drive a greener fashion industry.

Learn more about the Browzwear and Cotton Incorporated Partnership.


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Check Out The New Digital Fabrics, Available On The And Directly in VStitcher And Lotta’s Cloud Library:



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