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Driving the Apparel Industry’s Digital Transformation


At Browzwear, we value collaboration and connectivity and believe that innovation should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, our mission is to enable all of our customers to meet their business goals by partnering with leading technology companies across a broad range of fields through our ever-growing Open Platform . It’s exciting to see how through joint initiatives, apparel companies can leverage a fully digital workflow all the way from ideation to selling.

By joining forces with a leading merchandising software solution, Hark , global customers like Odlo have been able to effectively utilize accurate 3D visualization tools across the entire value chain. Since implementing Browzwear’s 3D fashion design solution into its workflows back in 2017, the company has incorporated 3D into its product design and development processes, and it is now an essential tool for internal and B2B selling.

With Hark’s, combination of software and services including aWorkbook and aView, apparel companies including Odlo can seamlessly display their true-to-life garments designed in 3D fashion design tool, VStitcher, in an interactive and engaging platform accompanied by each product’s relevant data, images, video, and marketing collateral for an upgraded user experience throughout the go-to-market journey. These tools have become particularly useful over the past year as the majority of the selling process has shifted online, and we look forward to seeing how the journey progresses.

To learn more about how Odlo is making the most out of 3D technology, check out the collaborative case study here.

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