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Driving the Industry Forward with Browzwear Professional Guild


As we continue to live through these unprecedented times, an increasing number of apparel brands are shifting even more focus to accelerating their efforts in 3D as a way to maximize efficiency. These apparel brands are seeking to scale-up on all things digital and require experienced 3D clothing design software users to achieve this quickly and effectively as the seasonal calendar continues to move forward.

To support these companies’ efforts in moving full speed ahead on their digital journeys and increase the involvement of 3D across their collection cycles, we recently launched the Browzwear Professional Guild . This growing platform, consisting of a broad spectrum of Browzwear professionals, allows brands to connect and collaborate with 3D apparel experts across the globe. Each member of the Guild has been vetted by our team and can be contacted directly by our customers through the Stylezone portfolio page , where each member’s profile can be viewed.

Amongst all of the members, each has their own unique combination of technology and employment experience, specializing in a variety of fields such as pattern making, fashion design, 3D rendering, and graphic design.

We believe that talented individuals are the driving force behind the fashion industry’s inevitable digital transformation and have the ability to provide both the work and momentum during this critical time. By having an accessible team of experts at hand, we hope that more apparel brands will be able to increase the influence of 3D within their organizations and enjoy faster and more streamlined workflows.

We are very much looking forward to seeing the progress and creativity that this collaboration brings as we continue to grow the Guild professional hub.


If you are a professional Browzwear user and you’d like to join the Guild, start the process with us here:

Join the Guild


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