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Introducing the Browzwear Production Guild


As the apparel industry continues to make headway on its digital transformation journey, it’s time to start thinking about creating and solidifying a transparent, collaborative, and well-functioning supply chain.

Whereas in the past, apparel brands and garment production companies may have existed as separate entities, with the rapid uptake of digital technology, the two are working towards connecting multiple standalone systems in order to facilitate faster and more fluid communication, as well as shortening the apparel calendar.

In order to expedite the transition, we’re proud to have launched the Browzwear Production Guild , to give digital-forward apparel production organizations the opportunity to join forces with leading apparel brands around the globe to further drive digitization across the industry and ultimately broaden their client base.

This growing professional hub has been created exclusively for apparel organizations that currently utilize Browzwear’s 3D fashion design solutions within their day-to-day operations. The majority of these companies are already equipped with an in-house 3D team, putting digital workflows into practice.

By giving forward-thinking garment production organizations the relevant exposure to connect with tech-savvy apparel brands, the results are amplified. Not only is a faster and more efficient product lifecycle achieved, but by shifting the sampling process to digital, textile waste can be reduced drastically, all the way from concept to commerce.

Are you a garment production company to drive 3D across the apparel industry?

Join Browzwear’s Production Guild today and start expanding your digital network.

Join Our Production Guild


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