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Meet Stylezone 4.10


This week, we dropped the latest set of features and updates in Stylezone to further boost collaboration and amplify your team’s success when creating apparel collections.

This time around, we took it upon ourselves to bring users an even more interactive experience. By providing efficient and direct communication capabilities in line with today’s apparel workflow, all members of the process can take advantage of a more intuitive tool for collection planning and execution.

Here’s what’s in store:

Enjoy Crystal Clear Communication

Say s goodbye to guesswork and take advantage of a variety of advanced visual annotations. This will enable anyone in the organization to seamlessly add images, arrows, and text labels to comment threads to pinpoint specific tasks and ensure that all members are always kept in the loop.

Keep Everyone in the Loop

For instant communication, users can seamlessly mention teammates within a comment thread as well as resolve comments once completed.

Navigate in 3D with Ease

Utilize the latest 3D turntable navigation to easily rotate by drag or slider, scroll to zoom, and pan with a simple mouse drag.

Get a Closer Look

Not sure about the waistband placement or the seam detail? Simply scroll your mouse to zoom in and drag to pan on any image, so you can be sure that you’re satisfied with the design.


It doesn’t stop here, want to learn more about what’s included in the Stylezone 4.10 version update?

Check out the release notes here.

Release Notes


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