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Meet Stylezone's Latest Workspace: ColorUp


We're thrilled to announce Stylezone's
latest innovation - ColorUp!

For the first time, designers can now effortlessly create and customize vibrant colorways for their 3D garments directly within the Stylezone platform. 

Visualize, Create, Empower 

Color Up introduces a dynamic and intuitive environment where designers can explore and experiment with various colors for their 3D garments. This exciting addition allows users to visualize materials and pattern pieces separately, offering a fresh and streamlined workspace for optimal creativity. 

SZ_ColorUp_UI_Color_by_Piece (1)


Limitless Flexibility 

Empower your design process by creating entirely new colorways or modifying existing ones. The ColorUp workspace provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to recolor artwork, textures, trims, and stitching with ease. 

But the innovation doesn't stop there – prints and patterns can now be edited in Stylezone, offering a new dimension of creative freedom. Imagine the possibilities as your designs evolve in real-time through the dynamic 3D viewer. 


Effortless Integration 

The ColorUp workspace seamlessly integrates with your existing Stylezone file. Any new colorways you create are automatically added, ensuring a cohesive and organized design process. This means that every team member involved in the collection creation process can access the new variations effortlessly. 

SZ_ColorUp_UI_Style_All_Colorways (1)

Experience the Future 

Step into the future of apparel collection creation with Stylezone's ColorUp workspace and get started in just a few clicks.  Experience the realization of your concepts in ways you never would have thought possible, all while being able to share and work together easily. This innovation not only enhances the creative process but also transforms the way teams collaborate on design variations. 

SZ_ColorUp_Onboarding_Garments (2)

How it Works 

  • Compatibility: The ColorUp workspace is compatible with EGLB files that have been uploaded from VStitcher 2023.1.2 onwards.
  • Clear Visualization: Visualize your 3D garment, materials, and pattern pieces separately for a focused and efficient design process. 
  • Flexibility at Your Fingertips: Recolor artwork, textures, trims, stitching, and edit prints and patterns for unparalleled flexibility. 
  • Real-time 3D Viewer: Watch your designs come to life in real-time through the dynamic 3D viewer, providing a true-to-life representation of your colorways. 
  • Collaborate with Ease: Share and collaborate with your team effortlessly, as all ColorUp workspace variations are accessible to everyone involved in the design process. 

Experience the future of apparel design, where creativity knows no bounds and collaboration is seamless. Elevate your design process and explore endless possibilities with ColorUp, exclusively in Stylezone.  



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