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WWD Magazine: Realistic 3-D Apparel Models Can Be Shared Anywhere Online Now


WWD on Browzwear’s collaboration with Sketchfab and the 3D Fashion Future

At Browzwear, we are always developing features and integrating with partner technologies so we can enable the fashion industry to leverage 3D in as many ways as possible, at every step of the product life cycle. Our January update includes a number of exciting additions, and one of them, our collaboration with Sketchfab, was covered by WWD earlier this week.

You can read the full article here , but in case you’re not yet a subscriber, we’ll recap the piece here.

WWD Tech reporter Adriana Lee acknowledges that sharing a realistic-looking garment digitally is a big challenge, but it’s one that we’re solving with Sketchfab, the de facto standard for 3D renderings.

She notes that designers will now be able to import and export 3D files from other applications and share interactive 3D models across the web. With support for Sketchfab’s HTML 3D viewer, there’s no loss of quality and no additional manipulation is needed.

Lee rightly imagines the myriad of opportunities this enables, including using 3D renderings of products to gauge consumer demand pre-production.

This is a perfect example of how 3D can drive smarter decisions while enabling a more economically and ecologically sustainable fashion industry, one in which we produce fewer items, but sell more of them.

Source: WWD Full article By Adriana Lee , January 27, 2020

Browzwear X Sketchfab collaboration


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