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Empowering Designers with SmartDesign by Browzwear


To provide designers with a seamless 3D apparel creation experience, SmartDesign enables VStitcher and Lotta users to rapidly design garments without having to build each pattern per garment, leaving more room to manage the creative side. This gives designers a straightforward and more efficient way to produce a single garment or an entire collection, without requiring any advanced pattern making skills.

SmartDesign offers a vast selection of pre-configured smart templates that can be accessed in VStitcher and Lotta. Fabrics, seams, artwork and trims can be added and viewed in a wide range of different styles which can then be manufactured according to the specification of the garment. No matter the shape, cut, or fit of the garment, all the design decisions can be seamlessly transferred from one silhouette to another and viewed as 3D simulations in real-time. This ultimately eliminates the technicalities of starting from scratch per garment and facilitates more fluid design workflow

Design Fluidity

With SmartDesign’s template configurator, designers have the option to acquire the feature that enables them to customize and configure their own templates according to the organization’s basic blocks and material needs. Upon completion, the different designs are then compiled in a single file in addition to Browzwear’s smart templates and can be utilized as and when needed. Ultimately, SmartDesign gives designers the freedom to toggle between different silhouettes and pattern pieces and experiment with a wide range of fabric, color, and trim options without needing to be tech-savvy. Designers can view their design decisions, from material combinations, colors, trims, graphic design and print executions, on different silhouettes with a click of a button.

SmartDesign Is Accessible to All

As our latest May Edition focuses on the needs of the designer, we’ve given all VStitcher and Lotta users access to the SmartDesign feature which can easily be imported via the cloud. The smart templates provide a comprehensive assortment of different garment types to be used at the designer’s disposal, from T-Shirts and Polo Shirts, to dresses and hoodies. These can be downloaded directly from the Browzwear Cloud Library (by going to “Import from Cloud” in the “File” menu) within VStitcher and Lotta. Once the templates have been imported, users can take advantage of a revolutionized 3D design experience. The entire garment can be edited via the Silhouettes tab, such as Collar type, Sleeves, Length, and more, and further adjustments can be made freely from the 2D and 3D views.

Nine SmartDesign templates are waiting for you on Browzwear Cloud Library

We hope that access to the SmartDesign tool will allow designers to get a better understanding of VStitcher and enable them to unleash even more of their creativity to experiment with designs. Please note, the downloaded templates can only be opened once you have installed the May Edition.

Although we have already provided a wide variety of garment templates, we know that brands often prefer to invent their own, based on their own pattern blocks, as we have seen with many of our existing SmartDesign users. To configure your own SmartDesign collection and for more information, contact us at

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