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VStitcher & Lotta 2023.3: Professional Pattern Making & More


Browzwear's latest edition, 2023.3, brings a wave of enhancements aimed at revolutionizing the digital product creation experience. From new pattern making capabilities and enhanced color precision to avatar customization and styling tools, this release is packed with features that cater to the diverse needs of technical designers, pattern makers, and fashion designers. 

Precision in Pattern Making:
Toggle Edges

This edition prioritizes accuracy and speed in pattern making, with the introduction of the "Toggle Edges" feature. This allows users to seamlessly view and adjust measurements, streamlining workflows for a comprehensive measurement overview and facilitating swift adjustments for enhanced precision. 

Key Features: 

  • Toggle Edges Length Display in 2D 
  • Reviewing and Fixing Measurements 

Masterful Measurements:
2D Tool and Formula Fun

The new 2D measure tool is now equipped with a formula window for intricate calculations. This tool proves invaluable not only for comparing all parameters: length, straight, X and Y, but also for grading accuracy, ensuring precise adjustments for a seamless grading experience. 

Key Features: 

  • 2D Measure Tool 
  • Formula Popup Window for Measurement Adjustments 


New Poses and Lighting:
Parametric Avatars and Lights

Olivia and Oliver, our parametric avatars, now feature additional poses such as biking, running, and walking. These new poses provide users with the ability to evaluate clothing in different positions, improving visual representation and versatility. This feature is particularly beneficial for technical designers who want to analyze garments using tension and pressure maps in various poses. In addition, the integration of parametric lights enhances the 3D scene, refining the digital representation of the outfits. 


Deformation and Measurement Transfer:
Craft and Customize with Ease

For Olivia and Oliver, deformation options have been expanded, allowing for more precise avatar creation and reducing the reliance on physical samples. A new slider has also been introduced that allows you to adjust Olivia to resemble a pregnant model, particularly useful when designing maternity garments. Moreover, the ability to transfer measurements between avatars, both parametric and non-parametric, offers flexibility in avatar customization. 

Key Features: 

  • Deformation Options for Parametric Avatars 
  • Transfer Avatar Measurements Between Avatars 


Colorful Creativity:
Polyester Palette by Archroma

Fashion designers can now explore a new Polyester Color Library by Archroma, global leader in specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, offering an extensive range of colors. This expanded color palette provides designers with a comprehensive selection of 5,760 color references. The addition of 1,440 polyester colors to Browzwear's existing color library, originally comprising 4,320 Color Atlas colors specifically for cotton poplin, empowers designers to foster seamless collaboration throughout the entire supply chain. This enhancement ensures consistent color representation from digital design to production for cotton, polyester, and blended materials. 

Archroma Color Library

Styling Simplicity

Introducing the Symmetrical Styling Mode in the Styling menu, simplifying the styling process by ensuring identical results on both sides of symmetrical pieces. 

Export Elegance:
gLTF and GLB

The final highlight introduces improved gLTF and GLB format exports with added pattern piece names for seamless transitions between VStitcher and other design tools. Notably, a unique identifier was included for enhanced automation and partner integrations, accessible and controllable through scripts, providing users with increased functionality and customization options. 

Key Features: 

  • Include Piece Names on Exported 3D Geometries for gLTF and GLB 

Browzwear's 2023.3 edition unveils a robust set of tools and features, elevating pattern making workflows and beyond. For more detailed updates, explore Browzwear's Help Site and unleash the power of these new features in your digital product creation journey. 



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