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What is 3D CAD for Fashion Design?


The rise of 3D CAD in the fashion industry is transforming the way companies do business. Not just denim and outerwear, but every sector in the industry from classic to cheap to chic. Because designers can preview virtual versions of finished products, CAD helps fashion and apparel businesses save time, reduce errors, and save on costs associated with purchasing fabrics and materials. Designers can share their vision with other members of the team, and easily address problems and design variations without creating physical samples. With CAD, brands have more control over the process and a quicker time to market.

But, where other industries have embraced a digital product lifecycle, the apparel industry is still lagging behind mainly due to the fact that many expensive PLM systems do not address the unique needs of the fashion industry.

So what has been missing?

What’s been missing is a digital true-to-life 3D CAD product, which is the key to being able to accurately visualize apparel before it is manufactured. To this end, 3D CAD fashion design software and virtualization technology is essential to a digital workflow.

Modern fashion CAD software shortens the time it takes for designers to create new concepts, and knowledge of these programs has become standard for anyone looking to work in the fashion industry.

Browzwear Solution for Fashion CAD

As technology develops, so has the opportunity for growth in 3D fashion design software. Over the last few years, Browzwear has introduced an end-to-end 3D workflow from design, through development to a tech pack. In addition, the Browzwear Open Platform enables apparel brands to combine 3D with additional products for asset management, merchandising, and more, to enjoy a complete digital workflow:

  • VStitcher : The industry-leading 3D virtual prototyping solution for developers, pattern makers, and technical designers enables the instant transformation of 2D patterns into realistic 3D prototypes and the creation of new patterns from start to finish.
  • Lotta : Starting from pattern blocks, create an endless variety of designs in true-to-life 3D. View and style designs on a realistic 3D body in any combination of colors, styles, materials and more. Seamlessly move graphics back and forth from Adobe.
  • Stylezone : An innovative, secure platform for showcasing 3D prototypes that let users rotate, zoom, move and interact with 3D visualizations from a web browser or mobile phone.

Once designed, the Browzwear Techpack generates detailed PLM-ready specifications for manufacturing each 3D garment including materials, trims, workmanship, pattern prints and more. Designers can add notes and annotations as well.

The power of 3D for fashion design

Browzwear brings the power of 3D to fashion design, development, marketing and collaboration with easy-to-use solutions that shorten time to market. In 3D Fashion Design, LOTTA makes it easy and fun for designers to express their creative vision in an unlimited range of colors, styles, materials, lighting effects and more. In 3D Fashion Development, VSTITCHER enables pattern-makers, cutters and technical designers to transform 2D patterns into realistic 3D prototypes. And finally, Browzwear’s STYLEZONE provides a revolutionary collaboration platform for web and mobile that enables all stakeholders to participate at every stage in the process, from design through merchandising.

With Browzwear, designer innovations flourish along with their personal virtual fashion vision.


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