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What’s New in Stylezone January 2023


Whether you’re a Technical Designer, Product Designer, Fashion Merchandiser, or anything in between, the latest Stylezone update aims to keep everyone on the same page.  With this feature drop, we’re bringing our users an even more collaborative and interactive collection management experience than ever before, enabling brands to move from conception to creation, entirely digitally.

Check out what’s in store:

Discover the Power of Collaboration

The powerful integration between the visual collaboration platform Miro and Stylezone gives apparel brands the ability to communicate over a single source of truth, from the initial ideation phase all the way through to line review.

For apparel designers, the Miro integration provides a unified space for seasonal collection strategy, including experimenting with color schemes, different blocks, carry-over styles, and more. In addition, users can simply drag and drop styles from Stylezone to Miro, ensuring that both are synchronized. Therefore, any changes made to a style in one platform will automatically reflect on the other.

The Miro integration is also particularly useful for Technical Designers and Merchandisers when it comes to reviewing collections, with the unique ability to conduct the entire process within a centralized platform rather than multiple standalone tools or switching between applications.

Teams and stakeholders can now constantly stay in the loop with the ability to change the status of styles, add comments, and clearly communicate any modifications during the entire collection creation process.

Learn more about the Stylezone and Miro integration

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See Your Style from All Angles

If you want to see how a style looks from different angles, you’ll probably want to make the most out of the 3D Viewer which is also available in the style popup in Miro.

As a foundational tool for collection reviews, it enables users to navigate around your 3D garment freely and pin comments directly on to the style as and when needed before saving the comments along with the chosen camera angle.

This feature works by uploading a garment to Stylezone as a GLB file or sharing it directly from Browzwear’s 3D clothing design software, VStitcher. Not only is this tool beneficial when creating different looks at the beginning of the collection process, but it also enables those reviewing the collection to get a complete view of each garment, ensuring that it adheres to the initial design brief.

Learn more about the upgraded 3D Viewer

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Communicate Your Design Intent with Ease

Next up, we’ve upgraded the existing Annotation Tool Bar with some new shapes including a line, circle, and triangle, as well as a pencil tool, color and line width selection.

Having the ability to add annotations directly to the 3D styles enables faster and more collaborative line reviews between designers and relevant stakeholders., For example, merchandisers or product designers can clearly communicate any alterations or adjustments they would like to be made early in the process, avoiding any misunderstandings further down the line.

Learn more about the updated Annotation Toolbar

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Want to learn more about the latest Stylezone feature drop?

Check out the release notes for more information
and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more updates to come!

Release Notes


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