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What’s New in VStitcher & Lotta: 2022.1 Edition 


This time around, we focused on speeding up the creative workflows of fashion designers and pattern makers while enhancing the realism of their garment presentations so that merchandisers can enjoy faster and even more accurate decision-making.

Check out what’s in store:

Render in Real-Time with Unreal Engine Integration

We went ahead and upgraded the back-end capabilities of the 3D window in VStitcher with the latest integration from Unreal Engine, the world’s most advanced real-time 3D creation tool. With Unreal Engine’s quality and real-time ray tracing, our users can now create ultra-realistic images and animations with incredible speed. This will enable them to make any decisions from styling to fit on the spot and enjoy an accelerated and immersive creative process.

So, if you’re a fashion designer looking to create garments that are ready for production, making accurate and informed decisions has never been easier. The realism provided by the integration means that any design flaws or imperfections can be identified and resolved instantly, resulting in a far more efficient and less wasteful workflow.


Take Control of Your Textures with All-New Alpha Maps

Next up, we enhanced the fabric texture maps in VStitcher so that our users can now have greater control over their fabric’s texture transparency. Whereas previously, transparency was determined by the diffuse map, the Alpha map allows you to manipulate the transparency of specific parts of the texture of your fabric.

This feature gives fashion designers more creative freedom to experiment with the transparency of their fabrics, enabling fashion merchandisers to speed up their decision-making process.


Create Confidently with FAB Fabric Watermarks

As the digital transformation continues to make headway within the fashion industry, when working with fabrics in 3D, it is key that they should accurately represent the physical sample. When pattern makers are creating a digital twin of the physical sample, they must be able to trust in the data that they are working with. That’s why we created the FAB fabric watermark feature for U3M files to enable our users to determine the true-to-life digital fabrics that have been measured and verified by the FAB.

With this capability, fashion designers and pattern makers can be confident that their 3D visualizations are accurate digital twins of the physical garments produced.



Enjoy New 3D Assets at Your Fingertips

With this edition, we stocked up our Cloud Asset Library with a brand-new collection of garment blocks for both men and women, 3D trims, and a variety of buckles, stoppers, and D-ring s.

Following our recent partnership with The LYCRA Company , we are excited to launch a new collection of stretchy fabrics that will enable our users to create garments like swimsuits, leggings, sports bras, and more.

The features and updates brought to you in this release are sure to take your 3D garment creation to the next level, and we can’t wait for you to start working with the new edition.

To see the latest features in action, check out the 2022.1 Edition Webinar , and learn more about the release here .

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