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What’s New in VStitcher & Lotta: 2022.2 Edition 


It’s that time of the year again, and we’re back with another version update, the VStitcher & Lotta 2022.2 Edition.

This time around, we went ahead and focused on bringing you a variety of new and improved features so that you can enjoy a faster and more streamlined creative workflow to maximize your garment development outcomes.

Check out what’s in store:

Workflow Improvements: From 2D CAD to Print to File

If you’re a pattern maker or technical designer looking to shorten your work time and boost accuracy in your garment creation process, this product update is undoubtedly for you. With these new and updated CAD tools, you can elevate your day-to-day workflows more efficiently and productively.

In this edition, one of the CAD features we have upgraded is the Piece Rotation by Edge tool , so you can now rotate a pattern piece vertically both vertically and horizontally using the piece’s edges as well as rotate a grain line perpendicular or parallel to an edge, shaving hours of manual tasks off your workflow while giving you more time to focus on the fun part!

When working with different-sized garments, you can now manipulate the fabric position between sizes to have better control over the appearance of the garments by adjusting the fabric texture of pattern pieces accurately to each size.

To further streamline your design process from start to finish, we’ve also made significant updates to the Print to File feature, enabling you to easily manipulate pattern pieces printed out in the plotter when creating physical samples. Garments and textures can now be printed with all the relevant information for each pattern shape directly from VStitcher, so you can rest assured that no information goes unaccounted for when exporting your patterns to create the physical garment.


From VStitcher and Beyond: Explore the Latest Export Capabilities

When you’re living and breathing 3D apparel design, even the smallest improvements can make the biggest difference to your apparel workflow. That’s why we’ve added a couple of new features and functions to upgrade your export workflow.

With the new Quads Topology feature, you can streamline the process of defining and selecting the mesh in the third-party software by exporting your 3D garments with partial quads topology.

Another update you’ll find is the ability to Weld Stitches on Export , enabling you to weld garment geometries in stitches from edge to edge into a unified object. Once you export the garment and edit it on any third-party software, it will stay intact and not break into different garment pieces, ultimately saving you time and effort when simulating a garment using other software.

By efficiently utilizing the 2D garment pieces with the Export Pack UV feature , you can achieve a higher texture resolution when exporting your garments to a 3D file format. Each piece inside the 2D window is treated as a bounding box during the Pack UV process. This feature requires the “UV For All Pieces” option to be selected in the Export 3D Object dialog window.


For more information on the latest 2022.2 Edition,
check out the full release notes .


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