Browzwear University

Expand the influence of 3D

Browzwear University is designed to facilitate apparel companies in accelerating their digital transformation process and expanding the influence of 3D within their organizations. The platform provides users with an on-demand learning source to gain all of the essential tools and skills needed to become an accomplished VStitcher user.

Skill up in 3D design

Aspiring 3D designers have the opportunity to dive into the world of digital apparel and learn how to navigate our design software, VStitcher. It also enables existing software users to brush-up on their 3D apparel skills at their convenience, or simply refer to it to refresh their memory to better their abilities.

Advance as you go

The duration of the program will enable users to understand all the basic tools and functions of the software before advancing to the next level. Users will be required to complete a variety of in-depth courses that are divided up into lessons, covering specific areas and features, from pattern shape basics to garment creation and rendering. 

Useful tips and tricks are provided as users progress with the courses, as well as a variety of interactive tools such as quizzes, video tutorials and more.

Learn at your own pace

Through an entirely virtual learning system, users can work through each of the courses at their own pace, without being limited to time or location

Track your progress

As users progress with 3D adoption, their progress analytics will be available for employers. This will enable them to gain insight into the level of skill amongst the team and manage the process and readiness of digital adoption within the organization.

What's included?


VStitcher course series

Learn all of the VStitcher software basics.

Quizzes & activities

Internalize and individualize the lessons as you progress.

Complete certification

Get certified and share your accomplishment across professional platforms.

We Enable Apparel Companies
to Digitally Transform Their Business.