Bemis Associates

Bemis Associates is a gobal leader in adhesives and bonding solutions, partnering with leading apparel, consumer electronics and industrial brands to improve product performance and aesthetics. We provide solutions in three categories: Sewfree® adhesives, embellishments and seam tapes. We’ve partnered with Browzwear to launch the Bemis 3D Material Library to better serve your DPC needs. As you integrate 3D solutions, this accurate library will allow you to specify and validate Bemis product earlier in your design process.

Sewfree® & Seam Reinforcement Tape

Elevate design and construction with Bemis Sewfree® adhesives. Our Sewfree adhesives enable you to eliminate bulky sewn seams and make products sleeker and lighter weight. They can be customized for stretch, breathability and aesthetics.

Strengthen sewn and USLB bonded seams without compromising the flexibility, feel or weight of your products with Bemis Seam Reinforcement Tape (SRT). Our SRTs enable low profile construction, can be engineered for a variety of fabrics and substrates and can be customized for stretch, breathability and aesthetics.


Create designs that stand out and perform with Bemis Embellishments. Our Embellishments add aesthetic depth while providing technical benefits such as reflectivity, breathability, abrasion resistance, stretch, and recovery. 

Seam Tapes 

Ensure the integrity of your designs with Bemis Seam Tape. An industry standard in waterproofing, our Seam Tapes are available in a wide variety of solutions for 2-, 2.5- and 3-layer lightweight and technical fabrics.



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