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Centric’s market-leading PLM solutions are trusted by 700+ companies making products for 12,500+ brands. Centric’s Silicon Valley-based expertise and 500+ industry experts located across the globe partner with our customers to apply industry-specific best practices to create the #1 PLM solution on the market. This is why 190+ of our customers switched to us from another supplier, why we have the fastest go-live and highest adoption rate in the industry and why we have the happiest customers

Centric PLM: The market speaks

Centric’s modern and mobile PLM is trusted by iconic brands, including Swarovski, Mizuno, Buccellati, Birkenstock, Kering Eyewear, Desigual, PVH, Rothy’s, Varner, Triumph, Brandix, Li-Ning, Auchan, Anta, Bogner, Peak Performance, Xtep, Woolworths and many more. Real-world ROI means reduced time to market by 15 to 50%, improved sales by 5 to 10%, reduced COGS by 5 to 10%, and improved productivity by 10 to 50%.

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Centric innovation transforms product design and development

Built hand-in-hand with our fashion, retail, and consumer goods customers, Centric solutions are driven by the most innovative companies in the world. Centric’s R&D team continues to push the boundaries of traditional PLM, and our Agile DeploymentSM implementation drives the fastest time to value in the industry. The 3D Browzwear Connect in Centric PLM makes Centric a hub of 3D activity at every stage of the product lifecycle to fully leverage the true power of a 3D-native workflow.

Ride the 3D workflow with Centric PLM 

What is Centric PLM?

In a world where the consumer has unprecedented choice, fashion and retail brands need to get more products to market through more channels faster than ever before. But how do brands manage it all? Centric Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) streamlines operations and drives all product-related activities from concept to retail empowering digital transformation for brands, retailers, and manufacturers of all sizes.

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