Consulting Rendering


Stitch is a fashion-tech startup that is future-proofing the value chain by digitizing how collections are created and sold. The Stitch Hub automates non-creative steps in the designers’ workflow to create better collections without wasting valuable resources. The Stitch Showroom allows sales teams to sell digitally both in the physical showroom as well as remotely, creating an immersive experience for their buyers.

Save time

No more waiting! With Stitch’s auto-render capabilities, you can drop your Browzwear file straight into the Stitch Hub and we do all the work for you, generating a set of standardised renders. In the cloud, not on your desktop. Easy!

Save space

Your blocks, fabrics, and trims are all stored in the Hub and are accessible directly in Browzwear through the Stitch plugin. No need to download and save files on your laptop.

Gain flexibility without hassle

Send custom views directly to the Stitch Hub, rendered at the same quality as auto-render.

Bonus: save samples

With the Stitch Showroom, you can go from 3D creation direct to sell-in. No samples needed. Talk about a digital value chain!


Consulting Rendering

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