Our Products


Design, Develop, and Produce

Create designs and take them to the next level with a true-motion fit, pattern modification, grading, tech pack, and more with VStitcher, the fashion industry’s best 3D clothing design software for apparel design and development.


Collaboration and Merchandising

View and share 3D designs with Stylezone, a revolutionary collaboration platform for web and mobile that enables all stakeholders to participate at every stage in the process, from design through merchandising.

Rapid 3D Design without Changing Your Block Pattern

For a workflow based on validated blocks (e.g. carryover styles and uniforms), use Lotta to create an endless variety of design lines, graphics, fabrics, trims, colorways, and more. With Lotta, the 3D software for templated apparel design, seamlessly move all-over patterns, logos, and other elements from your favorite Adobe tools to 3D and back again.

Automatic Fabric Properties Analysis

The Fabric Analyzer enables to determine the thickness, stretch and bend properties of your fabric and automatically load the values into VStitcher or other similar 3D software programs.

Digitize Your Apparel Workflow

Open Platform enables technology providers to connect to Browzwear products and provide users with seamless workflows through plugins or server automation.