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FAB is a revolutionary fabric analyzer offered by Browzwear that accurately measures and analyzes physical fabric properties digitally. Eliminating tedious manual analysis prone to human errors, FAB enables visualization and simulation of properties like thickness, drape, and stretch with mechanical precision. FAB facilitates the creation of a digital twin of your garment, ensuring accurate rendering of features and properties, including fabric motio

Automatic Analysis

Browzwear's Fabric Analyzer (FAB) is a powerful system that forms a part of the Open Platform and expanding digital ecosystem. With FAB, users can accurately determine all the physical properties of any fabric, including thickness, stretch, and bend, and translate the data into visual images in a matter of minutes. These values are then seamlessly loaded into VStitcher or other 3D clothing design software applications, creating a streamlined workflow for garment design and production.

True-To-Life Simulation

FAB is a crucial tool for brands, manufacturers, and fabric mills as it allows independent testing and identification of each physical property of any fabric. The readings obtained from FAB are highly accurate, enabling users to create true-to-life 3D simulations of fabrics and patterns. This results in precise visualization of each physical property on a digital twin of the physical garment. Unlike other 3D simulation engines that may render different results using the same values, FAB ensures uncompromising accuracy, eliminating discrepancies between individual simulation engines.

Unparalleled Data Accuracy

FAB simplifies fabric analysis by eliminating the tedious and error-prone manual process. It efficiently compiles fabric measurements and specifications, instantly importing the data into VStitcher for seamless integration into the creative process. Simply secure the fabric into the machine, and retrieve the data as you work for a streamlined and accurate fabric analysis experience.

Streamlined Fabric Digitization

After obtaining the readings from FAB, fabric information can be shared across multiple software platforms. However, data output by vendors is often embedded in proprietary formats or styles, leading to incompatibility during transfer. To streamline the material digitization process, U3M enables digital asset suppliers to use a standardized fabric format across applications, ensuring visual consistency of fabrics throughout.


True-to-Life Scanning

FAB enables independent testing and identification of each physical property of any fabric, resulting in a digital twin of the garment.

Unparalleled Data Accuracy

FAB compiles fabric measurements and specifications, importing the data into compatible software for integration into the creative process.

Rapid Analysis

FAB accurately measures physical properties such as thickness, drape, and stretch with mechanical precision, eliminating manual analysis prone to errors.

Digital Fabric Creation

Creates a digital fabric ready to be draped in VStitcher and turned into a 3D garment that you can see for yourself.

Open Platform Ecosystem

As part of the Browzwear Open Platform ecosystem. You can use FAB to analyze any fabric, for any application, including footwear and bags.

Fabric Data Compatibility

Fabric information can be shared across multiple software platforms using the U3M file format.

Single Source of Truth

Ensures that all members of the organization are working with the same fabrics across the board.

  • "One of the driving factors of choosing Browzwear was because Browzwear supplies a program and a fabric analyzer to test the properties of fabrics." 

  • “Not only have we been able to shorten our apparel calendar by 2-months, but we have also managed to conduct business in a sustainable fashion and reduce the number of Salesman Samples by over 50%, a true benefit for us.”

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