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Lotta is an intuitive and practical 3D styling solution that takes your creative designs to new heights. This powerful tool, ideal for working with carry over styles, maintains the integrity of your blocks and ensures accuracy of fit while providing endless customization options in a highly realistic 3D environment. With Lotta, you can easily style pre-validated VStitcher blocks, allowing you to experiment with a multitude of options including colors, textures, artwork, materials, trims, prints, and logos. 


With Lotta, designers can unleash their creativity without the constraints of cutting or sewing. Effortlessly swap out colors, fabrics, and trims on your 3D garment to conceptualize and create designs in 3D. Showcase your designs in true-to-life 3D and streamline the process with infinite design variations. Lotta integrates seamlessly with Adobe tools, allowing for seamless connectivity between your go-to 2D design platforms and 3D environment. 


Lotta is a powerful add-on for design workflows that begin with existing blocks, enabling users to work faster than ever before. This software allows designers to visualize new design lines without ever having to cut or sew, using a virtual platform that includes every fabric, color, and trim. With Lotta, designers can showcase their creations in true-to-life 3D, all without needing any pattern skills. Lotta also offers real-time 2-way synchronization with popular software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and more, allowing for even greater efficiency and productivity in the design process. 


Easily visualize multiple colorways and fabric types in each colorway, and experiment with a wide range of built-in fabric samples. Observe how each fabric behaves, stretches, drapes, and falls, for a realistic and accurate preview of your designs. With Lotta, you can make informed decisions and adjustments in real-time, ensuring that your final product meets your exact specifications. 


Effortlessly showcase and merchandise apparel, in any style you desire, from tucked-in to loose, sleeves rolled up, and buttons open. Lotta provides a color-accurate representation of your designs, ensuring that the color on your screen matches the color of the fabric sample in your hand. Using state-of-the-art rendering technology, you can create photo-realistic images in seconds, and share your vision with marketers, managers, customers, developers, and more.  


(The AI model used is provided by our Open Platform partner, Lalaland.ai)

  • “Not only have we been able to shorten our apparel calendar by 2-months, but we have also managed to conduct business in a sustainable fashion and reduce the number of Salesman Samples by over 50%, a true benefit for us.”


Upload Block from cloud library without pattern editing

Pen Tool for drawing on garment

Colorways Workspace

Artwork editing

Assets Library (Trims and Fabrics)

Avatar Poses


Cut Marks and Lines

Design in Sizes Module


Tension and Pressure map

Environment editing



Fold and Hang

Tech Pack


Design Protection

Export to Stylezone

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