3D Fashion Design

If you can imagine it, you can design it with Lotta 3D for fashion designers. Choose any 3D garment from VStitcher and start experimenting with an endless variety of colors, styles, materials and more. You can seamlessly move all-over patterns, logos and more from your favorite Adobe tools to 3D and back again. With Lotta, what you see is what you get – all the way from design through manufacturing.
  • Unlimited creativity with 3D clothing design
  • Visualize designs in every fabric, color & trim
  • Showcase designs in true to life 3D
  • Work faster than ever
  • Integrated workflow with VStitcher
  • Real-time sync with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and more
3D jeans pocket with embroidery

3D Clothing Design Tools

Even if you are new to 3D, it’s easy to get started with Lotta! Lotta gives you everything from draping and styling, to 3D / 2D synchronized tools including 3D draw, 2D flat pattern design, fabric color and repeat controllers, logo and print positioning, scaling, rotating and styling, seams, trims, buttons and draw-cords. You can even model prints and logos in the full range of sizes to make informed decisions about position, crop, and more.
3D clothing rotating artwork Rotating artwork

From 3D to Adobe and Back

Design in Illustrator and Photoshop and instantly view in 3D – and the other way around! Lotta features simple transition and re-editing of prints, logos and fabric repeats in both programs. You can even prepare colors and resources in Illustrator and import and use them in Lotta.
3D clothing colorful leggings

Colorways and Fabric Bank

Instantly visualize multiple colorways and a mix of fabric types in each colorway. Experiment with a large assortment of built-in fabric samples or scan your own fabrics into the system. When you switch fabrics, see how each one behaves, stretches, drapes and falls.
3D jacket - pink 3D jacket - gray 3D jacket - blue 3D jacket - pink 3D jacket - gray 3D jacket - blue

Style Showcasing

Showcase and merchandize apparel, accessories and outfits in any style from tucked-in to loose, sleeves rolled-up, and buttons open. Feel confident that the color on your screen is just like the color of the fabric sample in your hand. Create photo-realistic images based on state-of-the-art Raytrace rendering in seconds, and share your vision with marketers, managers, customers, developers and more.
Two 3D jackets

Design Pack: 3D Manufacturing Spec

Instantly generate detailed PLM-ready specifications for manufacturing the 3D garment. Every team member downstream receives exactly the information they need, including materials, trims, workmanship, pattern prints and more. You can even add notes and annotations to your 3D designs.
3D outfit over sample design pack output