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To succeed in an increasingly competitive environment, apparel companies are looking to digitize their workflows from end to end. From design and production to manufacturing and sales, digital processes can accelerate time to market, increase creativity and reduce costs.

The Team Is Just As Important As The Technology

For a successful process, people are even more important than technology.  Our services are designed to help your team transition successfully to a new, digital workflow. Based on proven strategies for business transformation, we gradually take the team through an educational process that empowers and motivates.

Services That Support Transformation

Experience Hands-on

Providing your team with all tools and products to enable them to experience and evaluate the potential of 3D as we bring their existing 2D assets to life.


We listen to your requirements, explore the process, evaluate what works and what’s not and should be solved. This process enables you to assess the value 3D for your business.

Quick Start

Planning and implementing a tailored pilot program, lead by a dedicated specialist for training, support and change management.

Scale Up

As we progress in your journey, our implementation specialists evaluate your processes and help you architect and implement a digital workflow that includes methods and integrations that support your success.

Committed To Our Customer’s Success

At Browzwear, we understand that no process is “one size fits all.” Every business is unique, and requires its own combination of methodology, technology and skills to reach its full potential. Leveraging our 20 years of leadership in 3D, and many dozens of years of experience in the fashion industry, we help our customers embark on the road to success.

Integrations That Work For Your Workflow

Browzwear’s Open Platform is the cornerstone of a program that enables brands and retailers to implement an end-to-end digital apparel process. Our Open Platform partners provide software for asset management, pattern design, costing, merchandising, showcasing, online shopping, workflow and more.

Our results-driven consulting and integration services enable you to realize the full potential of 3D for your business. Services support the entire product life cycle, such as designing the architecture of a 3D-based virtual workflow, implementing pipelines, configuring Smart Templates, integrating costing and more. We will work closely with you to design, implement and on-board a tailored process.

Education Expands The Influence Of 3d

In addition to our instructor-led training, we also offer an enhancement path with Browzwear University to assure the adoption of our 3D clothing design software is done properly within the organization in the long run.

Browzwear University is designed to facilitate apparel companies in accelerating their digital transformation process and expand the influence of 3D within their organizations. The platform provides users with an on-demand learning source to gain all of the essential tools and skills needed to become an accomplished 3D workflow user.

Through an entirely virtual learning system, users can work through each of the courses at their own pace, without being limited to time or location.


At Browzwear, we put our customers first. To this end, our goal is to provide the best possible service to our users. Browzwear provides direct and complete customer support, across all timezones, from our experienced team of designers and pattern makers via email, phone, or video calls.

Browzwear provides on-going support through:

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