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Adaptable Solutions Catered To The Needs Of Your Business

As the fashion industry continues to undergo a digital transformation, it is not just the garments that are getting a new look. As workflows become digital, the way in which teams work together changes as well.

There are many 3D clothing design software solutions on the market today. But, there are key elements to consider when searching for your best-in-class platform for creating your digital garment and the story it tells.

Let Creative Flourish For Fashion Designers

From visualization to finalization, the designer’s creative eye plays a prominent role in garment creation. In the early design stages, having a space for designers to share their mood boards, inspirations, and ideations is crucial for everyone involved to understand the garment’s concept. Designers also need an optimized library of various fabrics, patterns, and colorways to craft their designs and let their creativity flourish. Utilizing software that scans and reads fabric properties to show how the garment drapes on the body, it will allow the 3D asset to be true-to-life, giving confidence as you work.

Digital Product Creation For Technical Designers

Once the design is handed-off, tech designers adapt them and create a 2D pattern for manufacture. However, if the 3D twin is not an accurate representation of how the physical garment will fit, it will limit the effectiveness of digital product creation. Ensuring a proper and precise fit is crucial, and tools such as tension maps, graded sizing, and the ability to view a garment’s movement in 3D will equip tech designers to make adjustments on the fly. All of this will also help in reducing or eliminating the need for physical samples. But it does mean that the 3D fit that your 3D software provides must be accurate — otherwise, you won’t be able to trust your virtual samples.

Collection Collaboration And Validation For Project Management

Reviewing a garment or collection involves various stakeholders and decision-makers. As these individuals are often spread across disparate locations it is crucial to have a centralized, cloud-based platform for review. In most traditional workflows, the review process is time-consuming and costly. However, by utilizing a 3D solution that provides the space for effortless viewing and collaboration, all revisions and approvals are made much quicker and can be made in minutes.

Hyper-realistic Digital Selling For Merchandising

By utilizing a truly end-to-end digital solution, 3D assets can be used in e-commerce, and the product is even sold before a physical garment is produced. By using a digital platform in which garments are showcased both aspirationally (via marketing showcasing) and accurately (via e-commerce product display), merchandisers have all the tools they need to convey the garment’s story to the consumer. With crystal-clear 3D rendering, digital showrooms, and the option to display the 3D asset on images of real-life models, these tools provide the ability to showcase the garment in true-to-life form.

Browzwear For Your Industry


When brands have the ability to eliminate the traditional dependency on physical samples by utilizing 3D, they can effectively cut back on all of the associated costs and speed time to market. Additionally, working with digital samples facilitates better communication between brand and manufacturer, leading to a more efficient product development process.

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Working with 3D enables manufacturers to take advantage of a streamlined and sustainable manufacturing process. With fluid communication between brand and manufacturer, decisions can be made faster and more efficiently, leading to a faster turnaround time with drastically less textile waste along the way.

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Leveraging 3D within an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) business model ultimately transforms the often complex and long-winded product development cycle into a well-functioning and fluid process and shorter development timelines. As the sample validation process can ultimately be carried out from anywhere, regardless of time or location, ODM’s can enjoy faster approval processes and agile workflows.

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school_FILL0_wght400_GRAD0_opsz48Higher Education

Incorporating Browzwear’s 3D solutions into the curriculum of fashion educational institutions provides students with all of the necessary tools to thrive in the professional world of fashion. Ensuring that students are well- equipped with a high level of knowledge in 3D design will enable them to get ahead of the game when launching into their careers and seeking employment opportunities in the industry.

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