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Accelerate with A Digital Workflow

A rising number of apparel brands have veered away from the traditional workflow and began to embrace digital tools and fashion design software to combat the level of the associated costs, time, and waste. Retailers are seeking to achieve faster time to market as well as lower the amount of product returns throughout each season. When Browzwear works with brands in the field, our expanding ecosystem of partners combined with true-to-life technological solutions enables brands to achieve their goals through digitization.


Drive Efficiency Throughout the Business


Spend less time on prototypes and more time on getting things done


Stakeholders see exactly what they are going to get, thus increasing trust allowing speed


Get customer insights early and manufacture with higher sellability


Don’t rely on photography for the entire collection, get digital pieces on online platforms fast.

Faster Decision Making

3D design technology along with innovative complementary solutions go hand in hand to streamline the product development process from the initial concept to the final piece. Being able to depend on digital samples over physical allows stakeholders to make decisions faster and more efficiently through increased collaboration.

Accuracy to Achieve Efficiency

A 3D garment that looks good on screen is not enough. To deliver on your design, you need an accurate digital twin.

When working with a digital garment, more people within an organization can collaborate throughout the process, improving the level of communication between brand and manufacturer. This is because the garment samples have already been approved before being sent to production. But to ensure that stakeholders can effectively communicate over a digital prototype, accuracy is key. Whether it’s the draping of the fabric over the body or the positioning of the pattern, each element affects the other, meaning that the level of precision must be immaculate.

A Single Source of Truth to Communicate Between All Stakeholders

As opposed to the traditional approval cycle of back and forth iterations between brands, manufacturers, and external stakeholders, when digital tools are in the picture this process is made faster, more accurate, and cost-effective.

Connectivity and Automation

To ensure that 3D is successfully embedded from end-to-end, our robust API integration enables brands to implement a customized digital process that utilizes all of their native and adopted systems, both externally and in-house. This works to facilitate scale and automation across the entire cycle from design through to merchandising. Therefore, brands can leverage a fully digital, 3D integrated workflow along with all of their essential tools, as well as connect to our expanding ecosystem of partners on the Open Platform.

Understanding the Consumer

Having the ability to gain consumer insight on the garment before it is sent to manufacturing is crucial from both a selling as well as sustainability perspective. Connecting with Voice of Customer platforms through our ecosystem of partners allows for the digital showcasing of true-to-life garments where market feedback can be recorded early in the process. This enables brands to gain clarity in the future success of their collections according to their target audience, avoiding garment write-offs.

Selling More and Quickly Adapting to the Market

Once your collections have been finalized, you’ll be able to seamlessly connect to the latest visualization tools that can be embedded directly into your eCommerce site. This will provide your customers with an immersive online shopping experience as well as increase consumer confidence.

A Digitally Skilled Workforce Is Key to Successful Adoption

Before implementing any solution, the organization must have the right framework in place to embed digital tools from the core. This involves equipping the workforce with all the necessary skills to pave the way for innovation. To facilitate fluid and efficient digital adoption required a range of educational tools including our e-learning platform, Browzwear University, developed by our expert team of 3D field trainers. This allows apparel companies to skill-up their employees in 3D design, from anywhere at any time. Additionally, as each company has its own requirements, our customer success team provides customized training programs tailored to the needs of the organization.

Customer Story:
Browzwear X Puma
Building a Global Digital Foundation

In 2017 PUMA Group was looking to improve the design and production process between remote global teams and began their digitalization with Browzwear. The partnership has been thriving ever since, bringing practical innovation into the day to day workflow.

Enterprise-Grade Reliability & Security

Brands Are Required to Maintain a Stringent Security Level for Their Global User Base and Proprietary Assets

  • ISO:27100 Certified, enterprise-grade security
  • Copyright protection enablement mechanism
  • Cloud-based license management that supports operation at scale
  • Robust APIs and enterprise integrations with 3rd party apps


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