Browzwear for
Apparel Manufacturing

Drive Business Growth and Agility

Reduce the Length and Cost of The Approval Process

Manufacturers in the industry have looked for ways to streamline the process as well as maximize their efficiency. When manufacturers work with Browzwear, they have the ability to leverage true-to-life digital garments over physical samples. This drastically reduces the amount of textile waste typically encountered throughout the process.


Drive Efficiency Throughout the Business


A more efficient cycle through reliable prototyping and showcasing tools


Eliminate the dependency on the production of physical samples and efficiently finalize approvals


Easily alter and reuse unpicked prototypes to optimize the workflow funnel


With a faster turnaround rate, more deals can be closed in less time

Accelerate the Validation Process

Any adjustments can be made over digital samples, meaning that all the back and forth iterations that are typically encountered can be carried out with both speed, ease and of course accuracy, resulting in a faster turnaround rate. As the validation process is remarkably cut down, manufacturers and brands have the ability to close deals in less time. Additionally, unsold samples can be altered and repurposed for future collections. 

Produce More, Spend Less

Working with digital tools gives manufacturers the advantage of visualizing the end product before being sent to production. Therefore, any fundamental changes can be made early on in the process, making it less likely for errors to occur once the garments have been physically produced. As physical prototypes are less needed, there is more availability when it comes to both physical space and human resources, meaning larger volumes can be produced in a fraction of the time.

The Importance of Accuracy in 3D Apparel

Manufacturers can rely on the information provided in the tech pack, which has been extracted directly from VStitcher. As each aspect of the digital garment is accounted for, including how each fabric behaves when worn, the digital sample is an exact representation of the physical product. Therefore, manufacturers no longer need to spend time interpreting the data provided in the tech pack, and the designs can be sent straight to production without experiencing common errors and misunderstandings.

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Enterprise-Grade Reliability & Security

Brands Are Required to Maintain a Stringent Security Level for Their Global User Base and Proprietary Assets

  • ISO:27100 Certified, enterprise-grade security
  • Copyright protection enablement mechanism
  • Cloud-based license management that supports operation at scale
  • Robust APIs and enterprise integrations with 3rd party apps


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Customer Story: Browzwear X Crystal Apparel Limited


When Crystal Apparel Limited first signed on with Browzwear in 2008, 3D had not yet become an integral part of the design workflow in the industry. In 2017, as the digital workflow became a more common standard in the industry, Crystal Denim researched options and compared solutions from other providers. They ultimately expanded their Browzwear license agreement because of the user-friendly tools, the proven speed-to-market and sustainability. They also created a specialty Virtual Design team to focus solely on becoming experts in 3D design.