The fit stage is crucial for achieving optimal comfort and style in garments. With our 3D clothing design software, VStitcher, apparel brands and manufacturers can streamline collaboration, optimize fit processes, and deliver impeccably fitting garments across all sizes. VStitcher sets itself apart by providing a true-to-life fit experience, accurately simulating fabric drape and movement in the digital realm. This innovative feature ensures that the virtual representation of garments mirrors the real-world fit, allowing designers to create and refine designs confidently.

Successful Case Studies

Digital Product Creation

Crafting Accurate &
Detailed 3D Garments

Browzwear’s 3D apparel design software, VStitcher, makes the process of creating digital 3D garments seamless. With VStitcher, you can bring your designs to life in a virtual environment, adhering to style requests and specifications for each garment. Our true-to-life 3D technology allows you to design and customize every aspect of the garment with precision and accuracy, setting the foundation for a perfect fit across all sizes. 


your designs and bring them to life in a virtual environment, adhering to style requests and specifications


all aspects of the garment in true-to-life 3D


precision and accuracy in garment design for accurate fit across all sizes

Fit Review

Ensuring Fit Consistency
Across Sizes

With dedicated fit workspaces including the 3D Review Workspaces, evaluating and analyzing the fit of virtual garments across all sizes simultaneously has never been easier. You can review each garment in detail, assessing proportions, measurements, and overall fit to ensure consistency throughout the size range. By leveraging true-to-life 3D technology, you gain valuable insights into the drape, movement, and overall look of the garment on different body types. This digital fit review minimizes physical samples, reduces lead times, and enables informed fit decisions. 

Evaluate Sizing

Evaluate virtual garments across all sizes utilizing dedicated workspaces. 

Ensure Comfort

Ensure a consistent and comfortable fit through state-of-the-art tension and pressure maps.

Gain Fit Insights

Gain valuable insights into drape, movement, and overall look with true-to-life 3D technology.

Make Informed Decisions

Make informed fit decisions based on accurate evaluations without requiring physical samples.

Graphic Design

Crafting Accurate &
Adding Visual Flair
to Garments

Collaboration is key to achieving the ultimate fit, and Browzwear facilitates seamless collaboration among stakeholders involved in the fit process. Designers, pattern makers, technical teams, and suppliers can access digital 3D garments and provide real-time feedback, eliminating the need for time-consuming physical fittings. The iterative nature of digital fit allows for effcient modifications and adjustments, ensuring the final product meets desired fit standards. Browzwear revolutionizes fit collaboration, enabling effective communication and alignment among teams, resulting in improved fit accuracy and reduced time-to-market.


quickly and efficiently across departments throughout the entire fit process


real-time feedback for faster iterations and turnaround times


the fit intent with clear communication and alignment from the get-go 

  • "Before venturing into 3D, our interactions involved face-to-face meetings with QA technicians to review styles alongside physical samples, consuming considerable time,” notes Katharina. “The adoption of digital styling briefings has eliminated this, saving valuable time." 

  • "3D simulation opens a world of opportunity in product development, having the tools to visualize design details, fabric tension, and pressure mapping," 

  • “Whereas fit validation and pattern iterations may have taken months prior to 3D, it can now be conducted and completed in a matter of daysIn other words, 3D enables you to shorten the decision-making process.”

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