Effective planning is crucial for any successful apparel collection. By embracing digital tools, apparel brands and manufacturers can optimize their planning processes. This involves ensuring consistent and up-to-date communication throughout the entire collection creation process. This unified approach ensures that all stakeholders work with reliable information, minimizing errors and fostering better collaboration. Improved transparency, reduced delays, and a seamless flow of information result from this approach, ultimately leading to streamlined operations, increased efficiency, and improved profitability across the entire supply chain.

Collaborative & Strategic Planning

Optimizing Collection Success

Stylezone, driven by the dynamic synergy of VStitcher, unveils an innovative online platform tailored for collaborative apparel creation. This solution offers an intuitive digital environment for apparel businesses and stakeholders to showcase, collaborate on, design, and merchandise garment collections in realistic 3D environments. Accessible from any location and at any time, Stylezone streamlines the planning phase, allowing businesses to seamlessly oversee their collections from ideation to production. The platform facilitates the integration of feedback and trend insights, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient approach to the planning stage of apparel creation.


Confidently plan and execute collections based on real-time market insights


Align collections with customer demands for data-driven success


Identify emerging trends and refine product offerings.


Optimize merchandising strategies with valuable insights

Range & Allocation Planning

Efficient Collection Management

During the planning phase, a collection plan is formulated, encompassing factors such as the number of styles, categories, drops, quantities, colors, and carryover styles. Creating a well-defined collection plan is essential, and our range and allocation planning capabilities make it effcient and agile. Stylezone enables you to allocate resources and manage inventory optimally by accurately forecasting demand and aligning your collection plan with market needs. This leads to greater effciency, reduced costs, and minimized inventory challenges.

Collaborative Style
Exploration & Ideation

Staying ahead of fashion trends is crucial, and Browzwear facilitates comprehensive trend research and exploration through integrated platforms like Stylezone. With Miro and Stylezone integration, you can visually organize trend inspirations, share insights with your team, and foster collaborative decision-making. This empowers you to gather trend intelligence, align your collection vision across your organization, and create captivating designs that resonate with your target audience.

Style inspiration

Visually organize trend inspirations and share insights with your team

Rapid collaboration

Faster collaborative decision-making to stay ahead of fashion trends

Trend intelligence

Gather trend intelligence and align your collection vision across your organization

Relevant designs

Create captivating designs that resonate with your target audience

  • "Typically, the old way of doing things would take us three to four months, but using 3D technology before issuing samples cuts this time in half to about 2 months." 

  • “With 3D, we are able to see how how the product looks and behaves on our avatars, enabling us to reduce the number of physical samples in the kidswear department by 40% , the first product category to adopt 3D”

  • “Flexible & adaptable”

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