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Tchibo X JAK Academy 3D Design Challenge


In a recent Browzwear workshop in collaboration with Tchibo , one of Germany’s largest retail chains, fashion design students from JAK Fashion Academy had a unique opportunity to experience the apparel production process from start to finish in a short amount of time. Using VStitcher, the future fashion professionals saw just how the traditional manufacturing process can be digitized, and is now more than ever, revolutionizing the fashion industry.

Designing garments using 3D technology has significant benefits, not only does it minimize the time and cost of production, but it also plays a major role in promoting sustainability by significantly cutting back on physical waste, ultimately leading the fashion industry down a more environmentally-conscious path. By having a first-hand experience of Browzwear’s 3D solutions for apparel design, the JAK students would gain clear insight as to how it works and what the benefits are.

Students divided into groups and were given the challenge of designing a maxi dress for Tchibo’s upcoming autumn collection from beginning to end in just one day. Tchibo provided a few basic guidelines, including the overall appearance, color scheme, and style. All the rest was left in their own hands, allowing the teams to showcase their creativity and design skills.

With the support of Browzwear’s 3D Design experts, Lena Blume and Marylina Klenk, the students soon began to familiarize themselves with the innovative VStitcher software, where the design workflow would swiftly be carried out. The teams got started and applied their designs and patterns to the dresses while keeping Tchibo’s clientele in mind. To visualize the process, VStitcher provides a true-to-life 3D simulation that gives an accurate representation of the physical garment in a matter of seconds.


Of course, during the design process, numerous alterations are needed along the way. With VStitcher, all the garment’s details are accounted for, even the way that fabric sits and behaves when worn. The students soon saw just how any modification, whether it be the fit, cut, fabric or pattern could effortlessly be made to achieve immaculate results.

After checking and altering the fit, they could then begin to render the final piece. As the session came to a close, the physical garments were ready and the results were outstanding. In fact, due to VSticher’s true-to-life precision, the garments were essentially ready for production.

A Dress in a Day: The Tchibo X JAK Academy 3D Design Challenge

The teams presented the final garments to Tchibo and two lucky winners claimed their prize of a one-year Browzwear license along with some Tchibo coffee. The collaboration and workshop enabled Tchibo as well as the JAK students to get a deeper understanding of how 3D can be utilized as an end-to-end solution within the fashion industry and gain further insight into its endless possibilities.

“This event allows companies to experience the real power of 3D design,” said Lena Blume, Lead Customer Success at Browzwear “My favorite part is the pure joy of fashion designers, pattern makers and product developers at the end of the day, to see that all their input and comments were shown in an instance and the product is on the models, just as they had imagined it. If this is all possible in one day, we really need to change the way we are working today.”

A Dress in a Day: The Tchibo X JAK Academy 3D Design Challenge

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