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Adapting in Times of Uncertainty


The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus has shaken up the world, sending much of us into panic mode. People are confined to their homes, countries have closed their borders and many businesses are being greatly affected. As the global pandemic evolves, our daily lives are being impacted in one way or another. It is now that companies are having to adjust their workforce and adapt to a new structure and routine to get through the current circumstances in the most efficient way possible.

Supporting Our Clients

As we continue to rise to the challenges that we are met with due to the pandemic, the entire Browzwear team remains focused on our customers’ success. During this period of uncertainty, we recognize that our clients require some adjustments to execute their work effectively. To ensure that this adjustment can be accomplished as smoothly as possible, we’re doubling down on remote support and training. Our professional global support team is ready to assist with any queries or issues that our clients may be facing throughout this unprecedented situation.

Embracing 3D as a Remote Solution

As many of our clients’ entire teams are now working from home, we’ve seen that more companies are now speeding up their transition to a digital process. Adopting a 3D solution ultimately reduces the impact that working remotely may have had on the apparel production cycle. The decision-making process between various departments can be kept at the same pace, as the virtual garments created are an impeccably accurate representation of the physical samples. Any amendments to the digital sample can be made instantly and with precision, without any time going to waste. That’s why employees can continue to work productively from home without sacrificing their creativity. For companies who wish to learn about taking on a similar process, our team is available with all the resources to facilitate the transition, so feel free to reach out.

We’re Not Stopping

Our innovation isn’t bound to our office desks. Browzwear’s product and tech team are working full speed ahead to bring new and exciting features to our products. We’ll also be continuing to partner with leading technology companies, providing our clients with integrated solutions that will be highly beneficial to them during this time. You’ll soon be able to catch up with some of our recent developments in the May 2020 release, so stay tuned.

Stay Safe.


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