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AMFI X Browzwear: Make & Buy Specialization


In 2018 Browzwear collaborated with Stitch of PVH Europe and The Amsterdam Fashion Institute for a ‘Product in a Day’ challenge, where the students were able to translate a concept into a prototype in just one day. After leveraging the endless capabilities of 3D, its influence on the fashion industry has only continued to grow. AMFI is one of today’s leading schools for innovative and creative fashion and has now geared some of its curriculum toward the changing dynamics of the fashion industry. The Make & Buy specialization for 3rd and 4th-year fashion management students led by Prof. Mireille van de Wiel-Stegehuis, gives students an introduction to the endless possibilities that 3D has to offer, and insight on how it is shaping the fashion industry today.

Over 3 months, the class is taught to create and market their own fashion collections to industry buyers, taking their garments from concept to merchandising. From the initial sketch to patterning, producing, and showcasing, the students are given the opportunity to experience the end-to-end process of apparel production and discover the power of 3D prototyping with Browzwear’s innovative technology.

In AMFI’s first Make & Buy course with Browzwear, the students were given several tasks to complete, including creating a virtual sales book that would represent their collection, as well as test and analyze different fabrics, showcasing a variety of styles. They were to come up with an original concept and brand along with a customer profile, and aspects such as pricing, material information and sizing all needed to be accounted for. To do so, with the training and guidance of Marylina Klenk, Browzwear’s 3D expert, they experienced a workflow from start to finish, transforming the initial 2D sketch into a 3D simulation which would be created with Browzwear’s VStitcher.

With a lot of enthusiasm, the students worked closely with VStitcher and were able to gain first-hand experience of all of the features and capabilities that it has to offer. By experimenting with different physical properties of their chosen fabrics on a true-to-life simulation, they could accurately assess crucial elements such as the draping quality, cut and shape of their garments as well as make instant modifications. With the ability to make informed decisions throughout the design process, the students could verify their range of materials, prints, and details that they had chosen to showcase in their virtual sales books.

The virtual sales books showcased a variety of different garments, from dresses to jackets and more, and the final presentations were outstanding. The winning team received a one-year Browzwear license, allowing them to explore the software independently. The class was inspired by the program and had developed a huge amount of interest in the software and concept of 3D apparel design after working closely with VStitcher. The skills that they had acquired throughout the course could be carried into the future as they embark on their careers as young fashion professionals.

“It was great to see how quickly the students could pick up and explore all of the functions and features that VStitcher has to offer.” says Marylina Klenk, “Not only did they expand their technical skills, their creativity flourished while using the program. The students’ final presentations were exceptional and it was so rewarding to see how proud everyone was with their results. Most importantly, by the end of the project, everyone understood how 3D can be used as a tool for faster and more informed decision making throughout the product development process.”

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