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Bemis and Browzwear Launch Innovative Material Bonding Library


Exciting news for fashion design enthusiasts: Bemis, a leading adhesive company, has teamed up with Browzwear, the creators of VStitcher, to introduce a game-changing bonding material library within the software. This partnership delivers a range of innovative stretch and non-stretch bonding films and seam adhesives that move with the garment and offer a variety of realistic seam treatments, empowering designers to create stronger, more visually distinct digital twins without sacrificing flexibility. 

The collaboration brings a selection of 17 Bemis embellishments into VStitcher, enabling designers to explore these materials for reinforced seams that offer unique aesthetics including graphics and performance embellishments. 

Embellishment films are meant to be noticed and introduce a whole new range of creative and functional possibilities. With an extensive selection of color and texture combinations, you can add detail, definition, and style to your visions. 

The Bemis library is accessible starting from version 2023.2 onwards, as this update incorporates full support for Adobe Substance materials. Delivered in SBSAR format, these materials offer exclusive customization features that seamlessly align with the newly integrated Substance support, enhancing functionality and creative options.

Bemis products, known for their stretchability, functionality, durability, and forward-thinking design, provide both strength and comfort to garments. This partnership opens doors for designers to experiment with a range of material applications within the VStitcher platform, enhancing their creative toolkit. 

The Bemis and Browzwear partnership is a significant step forward in fashion design, where technology and material innovation combine to redefine the possibilities in garment creation. It streamlines the design process and offers designers new opportunities to create garments that are visually appealing, durable, and practical. This collaboration holds the potential to reshape the landscape of designing digital twins. 


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