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The Digital Frontier of Fit Analysis with Soft Avatars



Years ago, we brought you on a transformative journey, revolutionizing fit analysis by introducing innovative tension and pressure functions. This allowed you to test garments on avatars, providing a comprehensive understanding of their fit, both in static and motion. We didn’t stop there. We further enhanced the experience with tools such as the 3D review workspace, enabling users to simultaneously compare and edit a garment’s fit across different sizes. And now, we proudly present the next step in the fit evolution: Soft Avatar.  

This groundbreaking advancement represents a new era in achieving accuracy and confidence in fit analysis. With Soft Avatar, we are pushing the boundaries of technology and redefining how we assess garment fit, bringing you the most precise and realistic virtual fitting experience yet. 

Soft Avatar has been shaped to meet the diverse requirements of the fashion industry, addressing specific needs related to garment fit and comfort. Collaborating closely with selected enterprise customers has provided invaluable feedback, allowing us to refine our Soft Avatar technology and provide fashion professionals with realistic simulations that inform decision-making before production.  

Understanding Soft Avatar 

Unlike standard avatars that show the garments adjusting to the body’s shape, the Soft Avatar takes garment simulation to the next level. The body responds to the garment worn, accurately reflecting the impact on soft tissues and the influence of gravitational pull.  

The soft avatar’s algorithm precisely captures the deformations created by garment stretch on the body while considering multiple factors, including the pressure applied by the garment, the physical properties of the fabric, the garment’s construction, body volume retention, and the potential for deformation in different areas of the body. This comprehensive approach ensures that Soft Avatars provide accurate and lifelike simulations.   

Unlocking the Advantages of Soft Avatars 

Soft Avatar offers many benefits to pattern makers, technical designers, fashion designers, and merchandisers.

Pattern makers and TDs can take advantage of its capabilities to adjust pattern pieces with immediate clarity over the impact of the garment in each body form, eliminating the need for model testing and physical samples. This streamlined workflow leads to faster and more cost-effective processes.  

For designers, Soft Avatar provides a holistic understanding of their designs’ appearance in life-like soft tissue representation. Its invaluable contribution lies in evaluating the flattery of garments for individuals with curves, allowing designers to make essential adjustments that enhance their designs’ appeal. Moreover, designers can accurately assess the length of garments, for example, leggings, deliberating whether an additional 1-2 centimeters (about 0.79 in) should be incorporated to achieve the desired effect. With the support of Soft Avatar, fashion designers can elevate their creations to unparalleled levels of precision by making well-informed decisions throughout the design workflow.  

Furthermore, Soft Avatar significantly enhances the 3D presentation of styles for executives and merchandisers. Previously, visualizing garments on human bodies required the expense of hiring fit models, wasting the entire team’s valuable time, cost, and effort. However, Soft Avatar provides a superior virtual representation, eliminating or significantly reducing the need for physical models and their associated costs.  

With Soft Avatars, you can save time and resources and eliminate the guesswork in achieving the perfect fit.  Here are some key advantages that makes companies more successful in their GTM when using Soft Avatar:   

  • Identify Fit Issues: The Soft Avatar’s deformation map highlights areas where a garment may be too constricting, causing discomfort or restricted movement. This allows you to identify and correct design flaws early in the process, reducing the need for physical samples and fittings.   
  • Optimize Design: By visualizing how the garment interacts with the body in real-time, you can fine-tune your designs to achieve an optimal fit, comfort, and aesthetics—no more relying solely on trial and error or subjective assessments.   
  • Streamline Workflows: Soft Avatars seamlessly integrate into Browzwear’s VStitcher software, allowing you to simulate various garments, from activewear to undergarments and lingerie. By leveraging Soft Avatars, you can expedite your design process and reduce time to market.  

Incorporating Soft Avatars into Your Design  Workflow  

Once you create your Soft Avatar library (a tailored customization with the Browzwear team according to your requirements), using it in your design process is straightforward. Simply import the Soft Avatar into VStitcher, dress it in your pattern pieces, and choose the desired fabric. Initiate the soft simulation, and you’ll witness how the garment interacts with the Soft Avatar’s body, revealing valuable insights into fit and deformation.    

Get Early Access to a Custom Soft Avatar Today  

We are now opening the early access registration to Browzwear’s Soft Avatar customization program. Although participation in the early access program is limited in capacity and subject to specific qualifications, we invite everyone to sign up. Be at the forefront of the fashion industry’s digital transformation and take control of fit, comfort, and design like never before.  


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