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Browzwear & Fashion Snoops Season 2


Season II: Get a Head Start on Your Creative Process for Spring/Summer 23


Trends and ideas are constantly evolving, and while new ones emerge, the challenge is being able to keep up. However, as technology continues to disrupt traditional business models, fashion designers can take advantage of new innovations and efficiently action new trend-driven opportunities.  To keep our users up to date with the latest trends and give them a head start on their creative process, we’re excited to announce that Browzwear and Fashion Snoops are back for a second season with the Spring/Summer 23 Women’s Apparel Must-Haves .

As part of our collaboration with the global trend forecasting agency, we are proud to introduce a new collection of on-trend 3D garment blocks for our users to ideate, iterate, and create successful apparel collections ahead of time. This capability enables designers to eliminate a significant amount of time and resources often experienced throughout the design cycle.

Check out the trend intelligence report here .

The Spring/ Summer 23 Women’s Apparel Must-Haves includes on-trend items from modern knitwear designs and the classic Y2K dress to the return of 90’s minimalism, introducing shapes like the Sleeveless Column Dress . By working with pre-made garment blocks, users can start with a baseline before taking their designs in any direction, without having t o start from scrat ch each time.

Browzwear users can now utilize 20 new on-trend garment blocks that can be found in the Browzwear Asset Library under ‘Fashion Snoops.’ To accompany the blocks, we’re also providing a trend report created by the Fashion Snoops trend prediction team. The report includes 10 key items from the collections, along with additional style direction, insights, images, and more.

Following the launch of this collection, we co-hosted a webinar with the Fashion Snoops team, diving into the Spring/Summer 23 women’s apparel must-haves curated by the Fashion Snoops trend intelligence team, exploring the trend-driven creative process in true-to-life 3D: WATCH THE WEBINAR .

To get your hands on the latest trend updates, Fashion Snoops is offering a short-term trial of their services exclusively to Browzwear users. Sign up to get started .


Check Out The Spring/Summer 23 Women’s Apparel Must-Haves:



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