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Charting a Bold New Course: The Rationale Behind Browzwear Rebranding


We are excited to announce a significant milestone in Browzwear’s journey: a comprehensive rebranding aimed at reflecting our commitment to innovation and sustainability in the fashion industry. This rebranding process will allow us to showcase our identity as a trailblazer in the sector while strengthening the connection with our stakeholders.

The Driving Forces

Several factors inspired our decision to undergo a rebranding process:

  • Capturing our multifaceted evolution: Browzwear has diversified its services and expanded its capabilities, so our original branding no longer reflects the full scope of our expertise. Our new branding strategy will encompass our cutting-edge solutions, from 3D design to supply chain optimization.
  • Reinforcing our market presence: With the fashion industry evolving rapidly, it is crucial to maintain a competitive edge. Our rebranding initiative will solidify our standing in the market and distinguish us from competitors by communicating our unique value proposition.
  • Reaffirming our commitment to sustainability: Sustainability has always been at the core of Browzwear’s values. Our rebranding will emphasize sustainability more, signaling our dedication to foster positive environmental change.
  • Uplifting our customers’ experience: Enhancing our messaging, visuals, and overall user experience will create a cohesive brand that resonates with our clients and empowers them to succeed in a digitized landscape.

Our Pillars

As we distilled our messaging, we clarified our brand pillars representing the company’s essence. We are pleased to present our brand pillars, which have been the foundation of our products, solutions, and customer service for years. They encapsulate our DNA and core values; we live and breathe them as a company.

  • Rewriting the Rules: As a visionary leader, Browzwear is committed to redefining what is possible in the fashion industry, connecting the pieces, and opening up new lines of thought.
  • Digital Craftsmanship: We blend traditional art and craftsmanship with digital technology, creating a unique synergy that defines our industry.
  • Strategic Innovation: Our purpose-driven solutions remove barriers to 3D and have a tangible impact on the bottom line, helping our customers set and achieve ambitious sustainability goals.
  • From Sketch to Store: Browzwear transforms workflows by creating true-to-life 3D visualizations that connect every aspect of the value chain, promoting efficiency and collaboration.

Our essence: Connected by Creation.

Creation is the heart of fashion. However, it’s often seen as a standalone step rather than the beginning of a process. Browzwear bridges this gap, enabling creativity to flow seamlessly throughout the fashion journey, from sketch to store. Our customized solutions combine processes, teams, and products, spanning design, manufacturing, planning, and multi-channel sales.

Our new tagline, Connected by Creation , reflects our commitment to uniting the digital and physical worlds and facilitating collaboration between previously separated teams. By streamlining processes and fostering innovative partnerships, we pave the way for transformative change and growth in the fashion industry.


Our New Logo

Our new logo features five horizontal stripes, representing Browzwear’s core products. The open and transformable design symbolizes our commitment to driving innovation at every value chain stage.

Rolling out

As we embark on our rebranding journey, we thank everyone who has supported and contributed to this significant transformation. Our Browzwear colleagues have shown unwavering dedication, adaptability, and creativity, playing unique roles in shaping our new identity. Our leadership has guided us with its vision, and our customers and partners have shared invaluable market insights. Lastly, our friends at Yummy Colours have provided exceptional expertise, ensuring a branding outcome that we’re all truly proud of.

In the coming months, expect to see our new identity emerge across our website, communications, products, and other touchpoints as we unveil the revamped Browzwear brand. We will implement the roll-out of our new branding at a moderate pace, ensuring a smooth and well-executed transition. We are confident that this rebranding endeavor will enable us to serve our customers better, strengthen our market position, and continue revolutionizing the fashion and apparel industry through partnership and technological advancements.


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