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Browzwear Collaborates with İstanbul Moda Academy (İMA) to Empower Future Fashion Designers


We’re thrilled to announce a pioneering collaboration with İstanbul Moda Academy (İMA), one of Turkey's most esteemed fashion institutions. As part of our shared commitment to fostering innovation and nurturing the next generation of fashion professionals, Browzwear and İMA are excited to introduce a comprehensive VStitcher course launching on November 23rd, 2023. Our partners at Polytropon played a pivotal role in developing the VStitcher course, working closely with the İMA team to enhance the overall learning experience.

In today's fashion industry, 3D design has become crucial. At Istanbul Moda Academy (iMA), we are dedicated to preparing the next generation for this field. Our focus is on nurturing fashion designers who are skilled in utilizing Browzwear, enabling them to take on significant roles within the industry," says Gülin Girişmen, Coordinator of Education, at iMA. 

About iMA

At İstanbul Moda Academy, the pursuit of excellence in fashion education has always been a priority. With the introduction of the VStitcher course, aspiring designers and industry enthusiasts will have the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of digital design creation. This collaboration aims to equip students with the tools and knowledge essential to excel in the rapidly evolving landscape of fashion and textiles. 

Introducing the VStitcher Course

The VStitcher course is designed to offer a holistic understanding of the 3D fashion design software. Students will learn to harness the software's capabilities in designing garments, exploring fabric options, incorporating accessories, and manipulating color variants to bring their creations to life in a virtual environment.

Equipping Students with a Digital Skillset

This program is tailored to empower students with a comprehensive skill set that merges the realms of design, technology, and innovation within the fashion industry. Through this collaboration, İMA students will gain hands-on experience with Browzwear's state-of-the-art software, nurturing a more proficient, digitally literate, and future-ready workforce. "Browzwear is incredibly user-friendly, supporting designer pattern making, range planning, and even merchandising and styling," adds Gülin.

We look forward to the incredible designs and ideas that will emerge from the talented students of İstanbul Moda Academy as they embrace the power of digital design with VStitcher. 

For enrollment and course details, please visit İstanbul Moda Academy's official website. 


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