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Browzwear and Universal Color System, Coloro Collaboration


Colors play a leading role in our everyday lives and inspire our decision-making, influence how we think, and impact our moods. We have the power to choose what colors spark our creativity and use them to express ourselves, whether it be in fashion, art, or design.

We are delighted to expand our ecosystem and partner up with the leading universal color system and believers in creative freedom, Coloro , reflecting true-to-life digital color as the human eye sees it.

With this partnership, Browzwear users will be able to take advantage of Coloro’s comprehensive color library, consisting of 3500 scientifically-based colors,  directly within 3D fashion design software, VStitcher. This will enable apparel designers to ensure color accuracy from the design phase all the way to manufacturing, further eliminating the risk of production errors and reducing the need for physical samples through the design cycle.

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From earthy and tranquil tones to warm and vibrant shades, the Coloro color selection will empower our users to enhance their own designs and achieve their creative potential by harnessing the art of color. When working with Coloro’s state-of-the-art system within VStitcher, designers can make more informed decisions throughout the product lifecycle, with confidence that the color rendering in 3D CAD will be the closest match to the digital Master Data of the selected color.

Coloro’s color library integration is part of Browzwear’s 2021.3 Edition update launching on February 22nd, 2022, so get ready to unlock your creativity with a splash of color.


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