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Reutlingen University and Browzwear


As 3D fashion design technology continues to make waves in the apparel industry, fashion schools are laying the foundations for a digital future, ensuring that their students are equipped with the right skill set to succeed in an ever-changing industry.

Natalie Seng , a professor at one of Germany’s leading universities, Reutlingen University , alongside her colleague Gabriela Kosel , Scientific Associate at Reutlingen University, soon realized the benefits of 3D garment design and were eager to bring it into the core curriculum of the Fashion and Lifestyle Program .

With no time to waste, Natalie reached out to Browzwear to get the ball rolling, “ It was the most logical step for us to go to Browzwear and incorporate VStitcher within our curriculum as 3D is certainly the future of fashion. It’s imperative for our students need to be exposed to the new digital design world ,” said Natalie.


Design by Deviana Brobeil

As a prelude to the official launch of 3D into the curriculum, Natalie and Gabriela sought to conduct a VStitcher crash course to give students a taste of the software. “ We wanted to show the students that garment creation in 3D can be fun ,” says Natalie. “ Launching head-first into 3D simulation, and discovering the unique visual aspects that VStitcher has to offer the students gained hands-on experience in changing materials to using different textures and how to improve their patterns in a matter of clicks ,” she adds.

With 13 students on board, the 3-day intensive course consisted of four projects, with the final one being to design and animate a garment with the aim to showcase the final piece on a virtual catwalk, highlighting the student’s creative ability. After chatting with some of the students, we were able to gain insight into their first-time experience working with 3D in VStitcher.

What I really liked working with VStitcher was being able to import patterns from external software and being able to use my creativity to transform the pattern into something completely different, that was the best part for me ,” says Viola Schmidt, a student at Reutlingen University. “ It was fun to see how much you can do with the 3D apparel design software without wasting any fabric and have the ability to go back and see what you have designed originally ,” she adds.


Design by Marielou Gunzert

Another student, Antonia Mayer noted, “ 3D was something that was very new to us, but taking part in the workshop paid off. When we were applying to our current internships at the same time as the VStitcher workshop, we immediately noticed how 3D gives you an advantage within the fashion industry .”

We’re inspired by educators like Natalie and Gabriela and look forward to following the students’ journeys as they continue to explore the world of 3D apparel, gaining the tools to thrive in such a dynamic and fast-evolving industry

Check Out More Snapshots from the Virtual Catwalk:


Antonia Mayer


Armin Wehrmann


Dominic Rauh


Janina Stier


Jan Dam


Johanna Knuerr


Viola Schmidt


Oscar Thiemt


Sophia Wiehl


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