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Designing Spooktacular Delights: Halloween 2023 at Browzwear


At Browzwear, Halloween isn't just about candy and pumpkin carving; it's a thrilling opportunity to merge fashion with the spine-chilling essence of the season. Embracing the spirit of creativity and innovation, this year's Halloween took on a whole new dimension as our 3D designers were challenged to craft the spookiest costumes using VStitcher.

The spirit of the season was vividly captured in each design, echoing the sentiment that Halloween is not merely a holiday but a canvas for unleashing one’s imagination. 

The hauntingly beautiful designs created using VStitcher this Halloween at Browzwear remind us that innovation and imagination can bring to life the mysterious and magical side of the season. From witches to movie characters, Halloween might come once a year, but the wickedly wonderful designs concocted in VStitcher will linger in the digital realm. 

Curious? Dare to take a peek at the
Haunting Designs 👻


Spooky Renaissance

3D Designer: Kaitlin Todora, USA
Favorite Scary Movie: Troll 2
Favorite Fashion Designer: Issey Miyake

Halloween Design Inspiration:
"Inspired by the Loewe look worn on Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour."

Halloween_Beyonce by Kaitlin Todora_Horizontal_final


Halloween Harley Queen

3D Designer: Dorelle McPherson, USA 
Favorite Scary Movie: The Shining 
Favorite Fashion Designer: Alexander McQueen

Halloween Design Inspiration:
"I love the character Harley Quinn because she’s cute and psycho scary. She could be a real person. Just plain crazy!"

Halloween_Harley Quinn by Dorelle McPherson_Horizontal_final


Mischievous Ghost

3D Designer: Dai Siyi, China 
Favorite Scary Movie: The Addams Family 
Favorite Fashion Designer: Coco Chanel

Halloween Design Inspiration:
"Lina Bell's mischievous Halloween celebration involves vibrant candies, peculiar spider webs, amusing witch hats, and even drawing pumpkin faces on themselves."

MicrosoftTeams-image (286)


Woodland Artisan Witch

3D Designer: Missy Krueger, USA
Favorite Scary Movie: Final Destination 
Favorite Fashion Designer: WRAY

Halloween Design Inspiration:
"This Halloween I wanted to make a whimsical and earthly outfit. It features a fuzzy, jeweled mushroom hat, a flowing blouse layered with a lace up corset, a mossy skirt, and a paintbrush-shaped witch’s broom."

Halloween_Mushroom Witch by Missy Krueger_Horizontal_final


The Pumpkin Witch

3D Designer: Yuna Chen, China 
Favorite Scary Movie: Silent Hill
Favorite Fashion Designer: Issey Miyake

Halloween Design Inspiration:
"Transforming a pumpkin into a witch's dress."

MicrosoftTeams-image (288)


Halloween Adventure Outfit

3D Designer: Olga Nagula, Finland
Favorite Scary Movie: Prometheus
Favorite Fashion Designer: Herve Leger

Halloween Design Inspiration:
"Browzwear's Activewear Adventure girl goes to a party. However, she remains true to her activewear style. Therefore, she would wear a stylish, eye-catching coat and a skin-tight, sporty outfit underneath, maintaining both glamour and practicality, just as she always does."

MicrosoftTeams-image (285)-1



Pumpkin Polka Dot

3D Designer: Jiaming Ni, China 
Favorite Scary Movie: The Grudge
Favorite Fashion Designer: Fen Cheng Wang

Halloween Design Inspiration:
"The entire dress features a pumpkin-shaped polka dot design, with a collar resembling a witch's hat, aiming to evoke a peculiar and intriguing vibe. The pattern on the bodice incorporates Halloween-specific elements like bats, ghosts, and pumpkins, highlighting a spooky yet adorable style. This design encapsulates the Halloween spirit as I see it."

Halloween_Jiaming Ni_Horizontal_final-1



As we look ahead to next year's Halloween festivities,

may the memories of this year's VStitcher Halloween designs serve as a reminder of the endless possibilities fueled by creativity and imagination.
Happy Halloween 👻


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