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Double Double Toil and Trouble 🎃


It’s that time of year again…an eerie feeling in the air as you gear up for a scary movie marathon or head off to a Halloween party.

From dressing up as a supervillain from your favorite TV show to wearing the spookiest costumes that will make people scream and run, Halloween is a magical time of the year when we have the complete freedom to wear whatever we want and express our true creative selves.

Here are some of our favorite spooktacular Halloween 3D costume designs for 2022 created by our talented designers:

Digital fashion design software

“I created this design a while ago when experimenting with the Cutmarks capability in VStitcher. I chose a Catwoman outfit but I also created a variety of different costume designs in 3D, for other infamous villains including Poison Ivy and more. Creating different costumes options and adding elements such as cutmarks, is a super fun Halloween activity!”

3D apparel

“Halloween is about dressing up as “something scary” but over the years it’s evolved to include all kinds of characters, including superheroes. Usually, I’m more interested in the villains than the superheroes, but Moon Knight was an absolutely unexpected treat. It’s hard to resist a chaotic superhero with multiple personalities, especially when he looks like Oscar Isaac in a suit.”

3D apparel design

“I love Halloween. In Finland it is most commonly celebrated as a carnival for children of all ages.This year, I chose to create a Halloween outfit for our very own Olivia using my 3D costume design skills in VStitcher. I decided to go for a look that that is elegant and festive while not being too serious at the same time.As to execution techniques, I wanted to display a variety of technical possibilities of Browzwear’s 3D clothing design software, working fabrics, substance effects and avatar skin alterations to create this mysterious Olivia character ready for the Halloween party!”


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