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Meet the Next Gen of Eco-Friendly Fashion Designers


Meet the Next Gen of Eco-Friendly Fashion Designers

As a key contributor to climate change, the apparel industry has soon come to the realization that sustainability is not just a buzzword, but rather an obligation. With the next generation of apparel designers taking center stage, it’s the driven individuals leading the way forward by bringing new, innovative methods to the forefront of apparel design.

We recently caught up with Logan McCage, Keith-Patrick, Haz Sam, and Betsan Evans, to learn more about how apparel designers of today are approaching the environmental challenge of waste.

Betsan Evans, 3D Product Designer,
Scotch & Soda

From starting off as a hobby to becoming an essential part of her day-to-day life, 3D enabled Betsan Evans , 3D Product Designer at Scotch & Soda, to shift her mindset from traditional to digital design methods. For Betsan having an eco-conscious influence on the larger community will ultimately change the way that apparel organizations work from sustainable fabric utilization to reducing the number of samples per season

“The youth of today have the greatest opportunities at their disposal; with social media and the rise of the metaverse, they have the ability to leverage the world of digital design while focusing on creating a more sustainable industry.  From a personal standpoint, sustainability is super important to me, and the fact that I have the ability to change the way I work through responsible fabric sourcing to reducing physical samples with 3D, is certainly rewarding. It’s now time for all of us to use our position within the design industry to drive the change the world needs, and that comes from learning and being open to new innovative technologies.”


Keith-Patrick Han, Associate Designer,
The North Face

With years of experience in fashion design under his belt, Keith-Patrick , Associate Designer at The North Face, a VF Company, has always had a knack for 3D design and the world of innovative fashion. When it comes to sustainability, Keith-Patrick believes that digital transformation is key to reducing textile waste while maximizing the creative exploration journey.


“ Working digitally as opposed to the traditional way enables you to visualize your ideas instantly, without having to invest in physical materials. Essentially, you can do anything you want to do, without limitations. When it comes to embracing digital technology within fashion, it is inevitable that this is where the future is headed. I want to be a part of the change that forms a more conscious, efficient and ultimately: a better tomorrow. Innovative sustainability is an essential factor in making these changes happen .”


Logan McCage, 3D Digital Fashion Lecturer,
University of Salford

Logan McCage , who is currently an international Ph.D. research candidate at the University of Salford, diving into Virtualization and 3D Design for the Apparel Industry, believes that fashion isn’t just about clothes but rather about the people. As an apparel professional, Logan has utilized her design talent and eye for style to contribute to and support the industry’s digital transformation, thus creating a more sustainable, inspiring, and effective value chain.


“As a fashion designer and practitioner, it’s my responsibility to know the impact of the decisions I make. It’s important to look at the impact of each garment at the beginning of its lifecycle, to know what fabrics are being used down to the thread. Using 3D fashion design software is one way I can lessen my environmental impact and still have the creative freedom to explore new ideas. We, as designers, are truly capable of playing a larger role in the transformation of the industry, and 3D is one way we can ensure both business and environmental sustainability.”


Hazim Sammy, Freelance 3D Fashion Designer

Hazim Sammy , a Freelance 3D Designer, began working with 3D in order to craft patterns and be able to visualize the final garment without having physically produce it. 3D gave Hazim the space to unleash his creativity with endless amounts of resources at hand while at the same time being able to be more environmentally conscious.


“The world is already full of too many garments that we simply don’t need, 3D gave me the space to visualize my garment without having to create multiple physical samples that will most likley end up going to waste. I have always wanted to work with a concept where I could utilize technology, creativity, and sustainable methods all in one basket so that all my design dreams can come to life in a forward-thinking and sustainable way, and 3D design techology has made this a reality. Digital apparel technology gives apparel designers thier own formula to create an endless varietey of garments, without any of the waste along the way. ”


Over the years, the fashion industry has stood at the forefront of culture, shaping trends through experimentation. Through the power of innovative technology, future generations of fashion designers are beginning to push their creative boundaries while driving sustainable initiatives. It is up to the next generation of designers to set the stage for the future of the fashion industry, and from what we can tell, it’s in good hands!



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