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Elastic Trims Redefined: Browzwear's Innovative Partnership with JML



We're delighted to share an exciting collaboration that's set to bring a fresh perspective to your 3D apparel design workflow. We’ve teamed up with JML Apparel, a leading supplier of digital elastic materials for sportswear, lingerie, and leisurewear. This partnership introduces innovative tools that aim to transform the way designers approach apparel creation. 

Introducing JML Apparel: A Soft Trims Powerhouse 

JML Apparel, a company acclaimed for its expansive range of over 900 soft trims, is at the core of this collaboration. These subtle embellishments are pivotal in every garment creation workflow, elevating designs from ordinary to extraordinary. JML`s trim library is a global fountain of inspiration for designers, showcasing a diverse selection from delicate elastics to intricate labels. 

A Leap Towards Integration: The Browzwear-JML Trim Library 

The Browzwear-JML Trim Library debuts with nine exceptional elastic trims, each meticulously crafted to embody both aesthetic vision and technical precision demanded by the fashion industry. What distinguishes these trims is their visual appeal and the integration of fabric physics, meticulously assessed by Browzwear's FAB (Fabric Analyzer), to ensure the utmost precision and accuracy. 

Empowering Creativity: Access for All 

In addition to the dedicated library in VStitcher, the complete JML Trim Library will soon be accessible to all Browzwear users at no cost on the JML Apparel website. A simple registration process unlocks this treasure trove of inspiration. Users can ‘Request an account’ through Whether aspiring or experienced, designers can effortlessly incorporate these exceptional trims into their projects.  

The collaboration between Browzwear and JML Apparel marks a significant step forward in fashion and design. It highlights the potential of cooperation, innovation, and a shared dedication to pushing boundaries. The Browzwear-JML Trim Library is poised to empower designers, ignite creativity, and redefine the apparel design field. 


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