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Browzwear's Collaboration with Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Browzwear recently partnered with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University's School of Fashion and Textiles to introduce an innovative 3D design course in activewear and intimates. This collaboration not only focuses on imparting essential 3D skills to students but also includes hands-on training and cutting-edge 3D trend seminars. The goal is to offer a comprehensive learning experience in a real-world setting.

The initiative aims to revolutionize the 3D learning pathway for students in professional colleges, simplifying the process with an integrated approach. 

The rationale behind incorporating 3D technology into the curriculum was eloquently explained by Professor Yick, the leader of the BA (Hons) Scheme in Fashion at the University. She emphasized that “3D technology facilitates a deeper understanding of the relationship between 2D patterns and the 3D human body, enabling realistic fitting simulations. This, in turn, fosters a more intuitive comprehension of diverse designs and textiles among the students”. 

The collaboration also involved hosting seminars on various 3D-related themes, offering participating students opportunities like the Browzwear 3D Summer Internship Program and engagement in Browzwear’s Indie Program. This hands-on experience aids in bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. 

After several months of coursework, students demonstrated a strong understanding of core 3D fashion technology principles. Two students, Misty Chiu and Rosita Tse, embarked on a summer internship at the Browzwear Hong Kong office, where they showcased their creativity through 3D technology-assisted projects. 

Misty's project, "PROTECTION," drew inspiration from natural landscapes and utilized earthy colors to design outdoor activewear. Her adept use of 3D technology not only transformed design sketches into precise digital garments but also conveyed a strong message of environmental preservation through the Avatar's presentation in realistic settings. 


On the other hand, Rosita's project, "LOST IN THE RHYTHM," found its inspiration in the 1920s music scene and 'The Great Gatsby.' Her collection of intimates showcased high tailoring and a blend of sensuality and modernism, demonstrating her growth as a 3D student. 


“The partnership with Browzwear offers students access to a robust and user-friendly 3D technology platform, significantly enhancing their design efficiency and understanding. The fashion industry's digitalization is an inevitable trend, pushing educational institutions to adopt cutting-edge technologies and equip future designers with essential 3D skills,” notes professor Yick. 

Professor Yip, Associate Dean of the School, emphasized the importance of digital skills for designers in the ever-evolving technological landscape. “The integration of 3D fashion technology is becoming a fundamental requirement for positions in the industry, emphasizing the need for continuous learning and adaptability.” 

Looking ahead, Browzwear remains committed to advancing the industry's application of 3D technology by collaborating with educational partners and supporting students in mastering 3D technology. Their aim is to drive the digitalization of the fashion industry through practical applications, thereby shaping a more tech-savvy and innovative generation of fashion designers. 


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