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New Dimension of Creative Possibilities with VStitcher & Stage



At Browzwear, our commitment is to constantly enhance the design experience for our users by offering cutting-edge technology. We are thrilled to extend the capabilities of the integration between Trapdoor’s Stage platform and VStitcher, providing designers and creators with an array of exciting possibilities at a competitive price point. This collaboration empowers individuals to unleash their full potential, effortlessly transforming their designs into captivating 3D representations. Regardless of your level of expertise, whether a seasoned 3D artist or a beginner, this partnership is poised to revolutionize your design process, unlocking new realms of creativity and innovation.

Introducing the Upgraded UI Plugin

Stage is a standalone, interactive 3D platform that allows you to showcase, render, and collaborate in real-time with incredibly high-fidelity. With the integration the Stage platform into VStitcher, we have introduced an upgraded user interface (UI) plugin and real-time connectivity, revolutionizing the way you work. Now, you no longer need to be a 3D artist to create stunning 3D images like a pro. The intuitive UI plugin simplifies the design process, making it accessible to all, while real-time connectivity ensures seamless communication between Stage and VStitcher.

“Stage advances any digital product creation pipeline. Any brands looking to render decision making assets at speed, would find stage a compelling visualization tool. The software in intuitive, and provides a low barrier to entry for any apparel teams looking to be able to leverage unreal engine and its capability. It enhances your ability to communicate your product intent to teams and people who have little to no 3D experience through providing a platform for collaboration,” says Iain Finch, Patagonia.

Unlock the Power of Real-Time 3D Visualization & Rendering

The integration of Trapdoor’s Stage platform with VStitcher brings about real-time 3D visualization, providing designers with immediate viewing and interactive capabilities across different lighting and room settings. With the inclusion of the Photo Real Digital 3D Studio, designers can import an unlimited number of 3D models. Lighting setups offer both Stage Lighting Presets and limitless customization options, allowing for flexible and personalized lighting choices. Users can conveniently access and employ view and animation presets, ensuring a smooth integration. Moreover, the Stage platform offers diverse scenes and allows designers to import custom HDR scenes, enabling designers to enhance visual effects.

With a single click, experience lightning-fast, high-quality rendering from any camera angle, supported by unlimited options for local individual still/animation rendering, local batch automation rendering, and cloud-based rendering.

Explore Meta Humans and Immersive 3D Environments

Unlock the potential of hyper-detailed avatars in the Stage library, featuring exclusive pre-made and custom-created metahuman avatars exclusive to VStitcher. These avatars provide designers with a lifelike visualization experience, instant digital try-on capabilities, efficient line planning, and more. By collaborating with meta humans—virtual models that faithfully capture human characteristics—designers can visually evaluate their designs on realistic figures, enabling confident decisions on fit, drape, and overall aesthetics with unparalleled realism.

Furthermore, you can immerse yourself in vibrant 3D environments, exploring different settings, lighting conditions, and atmospheres. This allows you to showcase your designs in various contexts, providing a more comprehensive understanding of how they will be perceived in the real world.

Effortlessly Create Lineups and Colorways

Gone are the days of spending hours manually creating lineups and colorways for your collections. Stage integration empowers users with the capability to edit materials, create colorways, and seamlessly integrate them within the platform, enabling a centralized space for visualization, planning, creation, and decision-making. This includes access to Stage’s Material/Color Libraries, integration of custom material/color libraries, unlimited material and color editing options, and even the creation of custom fur materials.

“The Trapdoor Stage exclusive collaboration is a great way to render Browzwear’s 3D garments. Bringing Meta Humans along with ‘out of the box’ studio quality is a fantastic way to generate stunning-looking photorealistic images of 3D styles,” says Avihay Feld, Co-Founder & CEO, Browzwear. “The astonishing outcome of the rendered styles is setting a new standard in how organizations collaborate, make decisions, and sell 3D-based garments. The ease of use and creation speed is key in the process acceleration.”

Get Started Today

Ready to take your design process to the next level? Start harnessing the power of Trapdoor’s Stage platform and VStitcher integration today. Simply fill out your details below to get started and learn more about pricing offers exclusive to VStitcher users.



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