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Fashion Snoops and Browzwear Collaboration


In such a fast-moving industry, trends are constantly changing. By spotting shifts in styles to predict future trends, apparel organizations can stay on top of their game. To enable designers to get a head-start at reading new designs based on upcoming trends, we’re excited to collaborate with Fashion Snoops , a leading global trend forecasting company with over 20 years of experience.

With this partnership, Browzwear users can download a variety of ready-to-use 3D blocks within VStitcher representing key styles predicted by Fashion Snoops. This will enable apparel organizations to align production with demand at speed and reduce cost and waste throughout the design process.

Access a trend intelligence report on the 10 FW 22/23 Women’s Emerging Must-Haves.

The first collection to be launched is the Ten Women’s Emerging Must-Haves for FW 22/23 , found in the Browzwear Cloud Library under ‘Fashion Snoops.’ In addition, Browzwear users can access Fashion Snoops’ trend intelligence report, including additional design updates for creative inspiration. The 3D files can be downloaded directly from the Fashion Snoops members’ platform.

Learn more about the collaboration here.

Following the launch of this collection, Browzwear, and Fashion Snoops will be hosting a joint webinar on December 8th, 2021 at 10 AM EST, diving deeper into the partnership and the designs. Register for the webinar.

As part of the collaboration, Fashion Snoops offers a short-term trial of their services exclusively to Browzwear users (offer expired). Download the report here.



Check Out The Ten Women’s Emerging Must-Haves For FW 22/23:




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