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FIT & Browzwear Collaboration: 3D Fashion Design Software Analysis




Lucy Chen, discusses her experience when interning with DTech Lab at FIT. During the internship, the students conducted a comparative analysis of fashion software, focusing on Browzwear's 3D fashion design software, VStitcher, with a sustainable approach.

"The software was found to effectively eliminate the need for physical samples in garment production, allowing for virtual creation without using actual materials. This innovative approach enables the presentation of designs to potential buyers without the use of real fabric," says Lucy Chen, Fashion Student and Intern.

FIT takes pride in their technological savvy and innovative spirit. The institution's students, faculty, and alumni are renowned for their abundance of groundbreaking ideas. Their commitment is to provide solutions for the fashion and creative industries, leading the way in technology, ethics, and social responsibility. This dedication is evident in the institutions investment in unconventional minds.



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