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Folded Shirts to Upgrade Your Merchandising


As you’ve heard, VStitcher 7.8 and Lotta 3.8 are making it easier to close the gap on your end-to-end workflow. Another useful feature that has been added in this release is the ability to create Folded Shirt visualizations. To help perfect the design process, brands can easily create a 3D simulation of a folded shirt for an accurate representation of the garment as it will appear when merchandised and sold.

folded shirt closeup

Designers can work directly on the folded shirt design in Lotta to create endless styles by changing colorways, fabrics, seams, buttons, yokes, collars and more. They can also add wrapping and presentation elements like stickers, tags, and plastic collar stays. Seeing the shirt folded offers another perspective for the design process.

Once designed, brands can use the high quality rendered folded shirt images in their virtual and e-commerce merchandising efforts.


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