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Fresh Fashion Finds: Explore the Latest 3D Blocks in VStitcher


We've recently updated our Cloud Library with a variety of fresh additions. Among them are 50 new women's garments, from dresses to coats, pants, and skirts. Additionally, we've introduced 22 charming kids' styles and a collection of trendy hats. And here's the time-saving bonus: with our 3D blocks, there's no need to start from scratch when creating these pieces. 

What's New?

New validated blocks include: 

  • 50 Women
  • 22 Kids  
  • 3 Hats 

How are blocks contributing to your workflows? 

Empowering Creativity

At Browzwear, we're passionate about empowering designers to bring their creative visions to life effortlessly. With these new additions to our Cloud Library, we're making accessing a diverse range of professionally designed garments and accessories easier than ever.

Seamless Experimentation

Whether you're a seasoned designer or just starting out, our Cloud Library provides an intuitive platform for experimentation. You can mix and match pieces with just a few clicks to craft unique looks that reflect your style and vision.

Versatility in Design

We value the importance of flexibility in design. That's why our Cloud Library caters to various needs, whether you're working on high-fashion pieces or a playful children's collection.

Ready to explore our latest additions? Visit the Browzwear Cloud Library today and unlock a world of inspiration and convenience. We're confident you'll find everything necessary to take your designs to the next level.

Want to learn more about utilizing our 3D block library to create endless looks?



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