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Behind the Seams, a series by JERZEES Apparel – Part 1



The Design and Merchandising team at JERZEES Apparel, a Fruit of the Loom Company, specializing in the wholesale production of t-shirts, fleece, and polos, walk us through their journey from sketch to garment on their latest video series ‘Behind the Seams’ as they plan new collections for 2022.

“With Browzwear’s 3D fashion design software, VStitcher, we have the ability to see how the garment performs with movement, and we can use tools such as the heat maps to show how close or far away the fabric sits on the body,” says Taryn Rosen, Sr. Designer for Activewear. “As a company that produces such large quantities of t-shirts and fleece, it is really important to get the styles right. Fit is something that we can’t compromise on,” says Taryn. “For us to have the ability to see how a garment will perform before we even have a sample is really cool.”


The company also stays true to the true-to-life practice by digitizing fabric in the collection using the Fabric Analyzer (FAB) machine, so the visualization in 3D CAD is as accurate as can be to the physical product before it is produced.

“This machine measures the exact physical properties of each fabric with a digital sensor all of the fabric values such as weight thickness and even the drape are loaded to the system for us this is key to getting the accurate fit early in the process” notes Katie Zimmerman, Director of Design and merchandising.

It’s inspiring to see apparel companies like JERZEES making significant headway on their digital journey, and we look forward to seeing more of their success in the near future.

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